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Modern ladies live extremely bustling lives. They climb career ladders, raise kids, spend time with their spouses and friends, do the housework, take care of their aging parents, and more. This leaves little time for taking care of themselves, healthy diets and rest! A female body can’t always work superbly, it might get depleted and even begin experiencing negative hormonal changes.

The last can be associated with the post-pregnancy period, month to month feminine cycle, menopause, treatment with engineered estrogens, lack of workouts, terrible eating diets and stress. Accordingly, women feel considerably more frustrated and they are no more interested in sex!

An incredible number of ladies notice their absence of sexual craving when they reach their 30s, yet there are women who don’t lose their sexual hunger until they come to the pre-menopause stage. Why do this happen? What are the reasons of diminishing sexual appetite?

The reason can be found in hormone changes. Modifications in hormone levels can result from taking the birth control pills, after pregnancy; because of the month to month changes in feminine cycle. Another factor is day-to-day stress.

These days ladies are attempting to do their best in building their careers, they are always stressing over their children, never complete their housework, care for their folks, meet their husbands’ needs, pay their utility bills and so on.

Another reason behind why women would prefer not to make sex is weaker orgasms or their total absence. Obviously it is hard to make yourself enter an intercourse if you don’t see “a final result“. Today’s bustling life drives us to eating fast food. An ever increasing number of housewives need time to cook or organize their ordinary family meals. Therefore, women do not have the essential mineral components and vitamins.

In order to have a healthy sexual life one needs to do regular physical exercises. But usually visiting the gym takes the last position on the busy women’s list. Another reason for avoiding sexual contacts is vaginal dryness. As a woman gets older less natural lubricant is produced, even if she gets really aroused. This creates friction and makes sex painful.

Keeping in mind the end goal to have a sound sexual life one needs to do normal physical activities. Yet, for the most part going by the rec center takes the last position on the bustling ladies’ rundown. Another purpose behind keeping away from sexual contacts is vaginal dryness. As a woman gets more mature less natural vaginal lubricant is created, regardless of the possibility that she gets truly stimulated. This makes sex painful.

These issues can be settled by Provestra, made by the famous maker Leading Edge Health and which is made of a patented mix of the herbs of high quality. It additionally contains nutrients and aphrodisiacs, which are asserted to adjust the levels of hormones and nutrients in the female organism. This positively helps the reproductive system also. Provestra can naturally and tenderly reestablish harmony and balance in the female body.

So, let’s read the review!

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Active Ingredients

Provestra is based on an all-natural formula of herbs, vitamins, and nutrients known to be female aphrodisiacs. Particularly L-Arganine which is a naturally occurring amino acid. The amino acids enhances female sexual functioning by elevating generous blood flow to the vagina and clitoris. With a specific end goal to see any results however, you should take an every day supplement for around 4-5 weeks before anything positive begins to happen. On top of L-Arginine Provestra relies on some extra natural ingredients:

  • L-Arginine helps get blood flowing by increasing nitric oxide and dilating blood vessels.
  • Theobromine is a mild stimulant found in chocolate.  It dilates the bronchi in the lungs, increasing oxygen intake, which gives you a burst of energy.  It also relaxes your body so the total effect is an overall feel-good sensation.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol helps balance out excess estrogen, which can lead to a big drop in libido if left unchecked.
  • Damiana Leaf increases vaginal lubrication and stimulates muscle contractions, while it may also keep hot flashes under control.
  • Black Cohosh Root helps balance out female reproductive hormones, relieving menstrual cramps, heavy periods, and hot flashes.
  • Licorice Root helps detoxify the liver which is responsible for processing sex hormones.  It also counteracts depression and moderates mood swings.
  • Ginger Root heightens sexual sensitivity by stimulating the circulatory system and increasing blood flow.
  • Valerian Root calms and relaxes you, reducing overall stress and promoting a sense of peaceful well-being.
  • Kudzu contains plant estrogens that can help keep the hormonal balance necessary for a healthy reproductive system.

Provestra also contains a blend of vitamins and nutrients that promote overall health Vitamins A, E, and C are essential antioxidants that keep bodily tissue healthy and thriving.  B-Complex Vitamins improve energy and blood flow, both essential for a healthy sex response. Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Folic Acid are also included as necessary nutrients for female reproductive health. So, that is an incredible blend of components on the list.

women’s sexual health supplements Boost Female Libido

All Provestra ingredients are totally safe and natural, and all give distinctive advantages. For example, Ginkgo Biloba was included as studies demonstrate that this herb expanded antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. L-arginine assumes an essential part in sexual excitement in both men and women. L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO) creation and NO is a vital vasodilator. Without great blood flow and blood vessel dilation, both men and ladies have issues with becoming aroused.

The vitamins added to the Provestra recipe are known to lift mood and decrease anxiety levels. Valerian is a herb added to diminish tension and Black Cohosh supports estrogen generation. Since female sexuality is unpredictable and relies on upon many variables, for example, stress levels, mind-set, hormonal status, lubrication, and blood vessel health, the makers have considered every one of these elements when building up the Provestra formulation.

How to Use Provestra

This women libido enhancer is typically mixed herbal blend with various natural ingredients and nutrients that each relate to some phase of the woman’s sexual response cycle. For example, asome components of a mix influence the circulatory system to step up blood flow to the private parts, while others promptly help creation and balance of hormones concerning sexual health.

Other ingredients might be especially picked for their advantageous result on the female reproductive system and capacity to create general sleepiness or a feeling of joy. At the point when Provestra is taken on a dayly basis, these nutrients have a tendency to uplift sexual incitement time, boost sexual appetite, develop sexual sensations and orgasms, and adjust the hormonal system for the right reproductive functioning.

The suggested dose for Provestra is one pill every day with a glass of water. You ought to have the capacity to see the the first results within one week of taking Provestra, yet results may fluctuate. A few ladies report not encountering any changes in their sexual desire and excitement in the wake of taking Provestra. This may happen if a woman experiences a basic underlying health or because of hormonal imbalances. In such cases, women are advised to talk to their doctors to see what precisely is bringing on her sexual brokenness.

Provestra Videos

Provestra – The Best Female Enhancement

Provestra Review – It’s Designed to Increase Women’s Desire

Provestra Side Effects

As it was at that point said, Provestra is one of the best and a totally natural supplement. Its viability and effectiveness was clinically proved. Additionally, Provestra is FDA affirmed.

Generally speaking, products like this have many side effects, however one can scarcely discover anything regarding to Provestra. They are extremely uncommon and light and may incorporate a slight drowsiness in the initial few days of utilizing the supplement. This symptom go away in a couple days. Drowsiness might be because of ingredients of Valerian, which is intended to battle nervousness and stress.

In actuality, numerous unexpected positive side effects may happen there. They are: more noteworthy satisfaction, more vitality and energy, fewer hot flashes, regular and less difficult periods, less mood swings.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be specified that Provestra is not recommend during pregnancy. Because of the herbal origin of the product’s ingredients, Provestra is totally natural. No harmful symptoms have been reported. In any case, there are a few illustrations when ladies grumble around an expanded breast size while taking Provestra for a a long period of time.

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Where to Buy Provestra Pills

The product isn’t available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC. Provestra is only available online, and the best deals are through the Provestra Website.

On the off chance that you purchase Provestra on the official site you can be sure in its validity. It is not a scam and is an effective and safe female pill used for libido enhancement.

Taking this women’s supplement consistently for three months will give you the best outcomes. It can be purchased with a money back guarantee. Along these lines, you may not stress over purchasing a useless product. If you the product doesn’t suit you for any reason you can simply recover your cash.

The female supplement is packaged in boxes containing 30 pills which is one month of supply. One Provestra box costs $59.95, however the item likewise comes at a discount price of $49.95. In the event that you purchase more boxes without a moment’s delay, you may likewise get one box for nothing or all boxes at a lower cost.

It is recommended to take two Provestra pills at bedtime for three months. Extraordinary results won’t make you hold up. Just in three months you’ll feel the delight of life and appreciate sex once more!

For better outcomes would be worth trying to purchase Vigorelle female arousal cream and use it as a part of conjunction with Provestra. The lacking side of Provestra is incidentally the positive side of Vigorelle – so possibly using both in mix could be your ticket to sexual gratification.

Final Thoughts

Provestra has many advantages. Most importantly, it is its safety. It gives more vitality to physical exercises and life by and large. This female supplement enhances the immune system because of natural healthy ingredients. It alleviates menopausal side effects and additionally enhances exercise performance and bone mineral density. Because of Ginkgo Biloba you’ll see your mental function enhanced and bone mass fortified.

As other supplements, Provestra has a few disadvantages too. You’ll see the first visible results simply following three months of consistent use of the pills. The cost is fairly high yet you are offered money-back guarantee.

Truly, you can rest assured about the genuineness of Provestra. It is surely not a scam and is a completely safe and effective female libido enhancement pill. If you use the product on a regular basis for three months, you will get the most desired results. And you can buy it with a money back guarantee, and therefore you need not worry about buying a useless product. If you are not satisfied, you can always get a full refund of your money. Go for it. Provestra can change your outlook for ever.

Really, you can rest assured about the validity of Provestra. It is surely not a scam and is a completely safe and effective female libido enhancement pill. On the off chance that you utilize the item all the time for three months, you will get the most wanted outcomes.

Provestra: All-Natural Libido Enhancer For Women

Provestra is an effective product that will discover the way how to take sexual desire back to you. It works accurately where it is essential and doesn’t hurt the rest of the female body.

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have issues with your sexual life today, you never know how you will feel tomorrow. Along these lines, it is ideal to take preventive measures while you are still youthful and healthy. Every individual is in the group of risk. Try not to lose your opportunity to be healthy in the senior age.

You can undoubtedly see how powerful Provestra is. Outfitted with such a variety of natural nutrients, this natural women’s libido enhancer works in the circulatory system to expand the stream of blood to the private parts. You will have more prominent sensitivity, prompt excitement, immediate arousal and an increase in libido in the event that you begin taking this pill.

During any sexual action, your body will turn out to be more delicate and sensitive to the reactions, and will deliver positive responses in the body, including increasing natural lubrication. Doubtlessly, in the event that you have a dry vagina, your sexual experience will turn into a difficult task.

All things considered, this is a good-quality product that assists with the most widely recognized female sexual medical issues, for example, loss of desire, poor vaginal lubrication, weak sexual appetite, slow arousal, and troubles with reaching orgasms.

*For those (both men and women) who suffers from excessive body hair growth it is also recommended to read our review of natural hair growth inhibitor Stop Grow.

All prices and additional information you can find at Provestra Website.

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*Please note: While results may be experienced in the short term, the formulations were created for long-term use, and it is strongly recommended that the female sexual supplement be taken for at least 2-3 months for real, long-lasting benefits, however taking it for only a month or so will definitely produce some benefits in the short term.

Have you ever used Provestra sex pills? We’d love to hear about your own personal experience. Feel free to leave some reviews or comments underneath.

Provestra Review Summary and Overal Rating

Provestra Review Summary and Overal Rating












  • More powerful orgasms
  • Intensified genital responses
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Faster arousal
  • Greater anticipation for sex


  • It should not be taken by pregnant women
  • The product is rather pricey
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  1. This is the first time I am reading about Provestra. A woman I follow on Twitter talked about how it saved her marriage so I was curious. Glad I found this review. A natural sexual supplement for women that is NATURAL!? Sign me up! I am going to get some of these and see what happens. I think my husband will be very happy.











    I recently started dating for the first time since my divorce 7 years ago. The man is lovely and was willing to take things slow. As much as I wanted to move faster, I didn’t have it in me. Provestra is a game changer. I am 52 and thought my sex life ended years ago but I feel like I did in my 30’s, maybe even better!

  3. I spent many years in a sexless marriage and I thought he was the problem. Turns out after our divorce, I realized it was me. I had no desire, even for the man I am currently dating. He was patient with me though and recommended looking for a female sexual stimulant so here I am. Thank you so much for all this information. It helped a lot to decide.

  4. After the kids moved out, I figured my husband and I would have more “alone time” but I was in for a rude surprise. My husband has always had a strong sex drive and up until just a few years ago, I could keep up. With the kids out the house, I am finding it hard. I will have to give Provestra a try. My sister in-law recommended it.











    My wife started using Provestra late last year and I have seen a lot of things change with her. She is happier, losing weight, eager to wake up in the morning, and she has her sex drive back. I could not believe it but thanks to this best sex supplement, my wife comes to me for sex instead of the other way around. Brilliant!

  6. Provestra sounded like a joke when I first read about it. It wasn’t until my sister started using it that I actually started researching it. This is the 10th review I am reading on it and I am amazed. I seen the bottle in her bedroom and she said it works for her sex drive, libido, and she feels her appetite is as good as it was in her 20’s. We are both in out 50’s.











    I could never get as excited as I needed to and penetration was painful before using Provestra. Now sex is fun again.

  8. This definitely increases arousal – I can’t wait to have sex once I take this. I also enjoy a much more powerful orgasm now. It’s like I am reborn (sexual wise) now because of a simple pill. The price tag is very decent for what this can really do and I can’t see myself not using it since sex is so great because of it.

  9. If you want to experience sex like never before then you should try Provestra. I didn’t think I was going to have sex like 20 years ago but I was wrong. Now, I get aroused very easily and I have 4 times more sex than before.


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