A Detailed Review of Instant Knockout Weight Loss Supplement


Claiming to be perfectly natural supplement that burns fat some research being done and clinically proven to contain some plant-based ingredients, Instant Knockout weight loss supplement is simply a shredding supplement that has got the goal of attaining three things which are: reducing the rate of being hungry (appetite suppressant), increasing the amount of energy an individual gets in a day and finally improving metabolism in an individual’s body.

Originally, the weight loss supplement was designed to help the professional MMA fighters to cat weight before weigh-in day as compared to the today’s world whereby it is used by anyone who is seeking to burn their body fat while holding on to the muscles.

If you are an athlete and you want to add a little kick to you fitness routine, Instant Knockout fat burner supplement gives you a good chance or space to get a fighting physique. This supplement not only helps in the achievement of the stated objective, but also it can burn a lot of fat in your body without necessarily having a fitness routine that is strict.


This supplement was developed by London-based Roar Ambition to give the various users power without any compromise that is cutting weight and building muscles.

Specifically, this supplement was made for helping professional boxers and also the MMA fighters. These guys needed a good and a fast way to burn the fat in their bodies and hence led to the birth of Instant Knockout.

Ingredients Contained in the Supplement

Green Tea. This is said to be a natural herbal ingredient that helps in burning fat by improving endurance, stimulating metabolism and reducing dangerous fat in the body. It is made from Camellia sinensis the same plant that regular tea is made of. It is then processed differently meaning that there are several nutrients that are degraded and hence having several health benefits over regular tea.

Cayenne Pepper. It is made to burn fat in the body by increasing body temperatures and the provision of a natural thermogenic boost.

Glucomannan. This is a root extract of the konjac plant that works as an appetite suppressant and helps in appetite reduction and makes and individual to eat less food that is rich in calorie. It is medicinally known to be used in regulating bowel movements and also other digestive issues since it is a good source of dietary fiber.

Caffeine Anhydrous. Caffeine, sometimes called by its technical name 1,3 -trimethylxanthine, is one of the best ingredients in weight loss products, and is mostly used for its potential effects on metabolism. It is proven scientifically that it is the most effective form of caffeine.

Vitamin B6. It is important in controlling blood sugar by converting glucose from stored carbohydrates. It also has other uses in the body of an individual such as part of the immune system where it makes antibodies, in the production of hemoglobin needed to carry oxygen as a role in normal nerve function, and in the breakdown of proteins.

Vitamin B12. Enhances the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose that helps in giving energy to the body.

Piperine. This is an extract from the Black pepper that enables nutrients to be bio-available.

Chromium. Helps in the regulation of insulin hormone within the body.

Green Coffee Beans. This helps in cutting down the conversions of glucose in an individual’s body.

Zinc. It assists the body in processing carbohydrates to prevent them from being stored as fat.

There have been many studies carried out on this supplement on the effect of each above-named ingredient in burning extra fat in the body; there hasn’t been anybody who suggests that there are some ingredients that are unsafe or aren’t effective. This doesn’t mean that the ingredients can’t help you lose extra weight; rather, no one ingredient will probably perform the work without efforts which translate the Instant Knockout formula to be very important.

Faster metabolism = less fat storage

Also, including a large amount of dietary fiber via the use of glucomannan, you will get to feel full at a quicker pace. All the ingredients contained in the Instant Knockout weight loss supplement are said to be safe when an individual takes them as recommended. Of course, different people have got different types of bodies, and hence one may have a different reaction which is unlikely to cause any issues.

Side Effects Associated With Instant Knockout

The most notable side effect associated with the supplement is said to come from caffeine. This caffeine brings about irritability, insomnia, headaches, and drowsiness. This is exactly the main reason why it is always advisable to start off with low amounts of dosage at first so that you can determine how well you respond to the supplement. On instances whereby an individual is a caffeine addict, he or she can take the whole dosage.

Also, it’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor before the start of any supplement regiment.

How Instant Knockout Works

As previously mentioned, this one of the best weight loss supplements was used to help professional boxers and MMA fighters meet their weigh-in requirements; it’s not a surprise that this fat burning supplement works to improve muscle mass and also offers assistance to those who want extreme conditioning.

The unique supplement works by improving metabolism in an individual’s body, giving it the energy it requires for the purpose of burning fat more effectively with less effort. Though in some cases the energy may not be required, it’s also a wise idea to use your excess energy at the gym or perform other workouts to help in giving further result improvement.

Pros and Cons of Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Just like other known supplements, the Instant Knockout fat burning supplement has got advantages and also some disadvantages.


  • Enhancement of a better metabolism with a person’s body since it increases the natural metabolic rates.
  • It also plays a role of limiting appetite so that one doesn’t consume foods with more calories than required in order to keep muscles and eliminate fat.
  • It gives individuals more energy that is required during hard workouts.
  • Loss of excess fat in the body by building more lean muscles.
  • Improves the energy levels within a person’s body.
  • Makes one get into extreme conditioning.
  • The supplement is good for a variety of sports and bodybuilding.


  • It is recommended to take four times in a day which can sometimes be difficult to remember.
  • It is a little more expensive as compared to other fat burners and appetite suppressants i.e. in cases where it is not bought in bulk.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Dosage

According to the label contained in the dietary supplement, Instant Knockout fat burner is designed to be spread throughout the day by taking one capsule four times a day. Because it contains quite a bit of caffeine, it is advisable that you take it on a full stomach for the first time in order to assess your tolerance to the best appetite suppressant.

Suppresses your appetite to reduce the cravings

It is also recommended that you take the last capsule not late than 6 hours before going to bed to prevent restlessness or insomnia.

User Reviews

Many of the people who have purchased the weight loss supplement and used it, say that it has got a positive effect. Instant Knockout is a perfect weigh loss formula that is made to enhance the shredding of extra body fat while increasing the overall energy levels. By using this supplement, it’s very easy to enable your body to burn fat more efficiently and also increasing your metabolic rate.

At the end of the day, it is a clean fat burner compared to other dietary supplements. Even though the dietary supplement was originally made for professional boxers and also athletes, it appears to be a great product for people in today’s world even for the ones who are in need of improving their strength gains and get ripped.

Manufacturer Videos

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*Instant Knockout Best Appetite Suppressant & Weight Loss Supplement

Where to Buy Instant Knockout

The Instant Knockout fat burning supplement is only available online on their official website, that www.instantknockout.com. The price for one month supply is approximately $59 whereby they have got promotions like buying 3 and getting one bottle free. It is also backed up by a 90-day guarantee.

Every bottle of Instant Knockout dietary supplement has got 120 500 mg capsules and can be purchased in the following mentioned quantities:

  • 1 Bottle – Whose price is $59 for a single month supply plus an addition of $7.95 for the purpose of shipping and handling.
  • 2 Bottles – Whose price is $118 for the two month supply and free handling and shipping to the US and the UK.
  • Ultimate Shredding Stack – $185 and free worldwide shipping for three or more bottles.

The owner is not interested in selling the supplement in physical locations. Also, the product does not seem to be available on other websites or even stores presently. Users should not have any issues from purchasing from the official website since they are reliable and will ship the product worldwide with a money back guarantee.

Conclusion – Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout appetite suppressant and weight loss supplement is one of the best fat burning supplements that REALLY DOES WORK. You still have to put in the work, but it does a perfect job for activating you for the gym and also burning the excess fat in your body. The ingredients used are shown clearly and are all found in other different health products with a variety of clinical data backing up their use.

Turbo charges your metabolism naturally

This fat burner as one of the best fat burners in the marketplace. It’s based on the clinical evidence of its ingredients. Instant Knockout increases the rate at which you burn fat, can aid in significant appetite reduction, can aid in burning fat without decreasing your energy levels, contains zero artificial ingredients, meaning it is essentially risk-free and allows you to retain muscle while you burn fat. The weight loss formula is safe, effective and has excellent benefits.

For prices, more user reviews and more data make sure to look at the Instant Knockout official website.

If you’ve used Instant Knockout the best fat burner we’d love to hear about your own experiences. Feel free to leave a review or comment below.

Instant Knockout Review and Overall Rating

Instant Knockout Review and Overall Rating












            • Allows you to retain your muscle
            • Naturally suppresses the appetite
            • Effectively cuts belly fat
            • Clinically backed ingredients
            • Provides sustained energy


            • A little on the expensive side
            • Not available in offline stores


            1. I wonder why you need to take this four times daily? I mean, couldn’t they up the dosage or something so we’d only have to take 2 pills? This is a major inconvenient for me because I’m clearly going to forget to take one of these four pills. Other than that, it looks good.











                A few months back I would have totally agreed with you, Rob. I couldn’t understand why they would force us to take this 4 times daily instead of 2 times which would have been much easier and convenient. Then I talked to a friend, venting my issues and he said something very interesting which I’m going to share. He said that he prefers taking 4 pills instead of 2 in this case because these kinds of pills can sometimes “shock” our bodies because of the bigger concentration on ones that require 2 pills versus ones with 4 pills. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Anyway, he has a point if you ask me and I’m now happy to take 4 pills daily if the impact it has on my body is a better one overall.

                • I had the same question as Rob so thanks for sharing this info, Brett. I always thought taking fewer pills is better but you might have a point in this case.

                  • Jeremy, you are welcome. I was also under the impression that taking fewer pills must be better in all cases but it seems that’s not true, at least not here. I’d rather take 4 pills that don’t hurt my body in any way than take 2 pills that might push it too much and end up hurting it some way.

                    • Yeah, I understand that now. I will just have to get used to reminding myself to take all the pills daily. I’m not very good at reminding myself such things but my smartphone’s reminders should definitely help with that :)).

            2. Hmm well now this may be what I was looking for. I was reading about a fat burner in a magazine and I didn’t write down the name so I have been searching for reviews and information. This sounds like it must be the one. The man in the magazine noted how it helps retain muscle while losing fast. Most supplements don’t.

            3. Someone at my gym told me to try Instant Knockout to burn the fat I have. I don’t have a problem gaining muscle but the fat don’t want to budge so all my definition is hidden. Thanks for the review. I am glad I found this by googling around. Was very helpful.

            4. I lost some weight, but i could not follow a regularly steps. but now I am going to the gym and is working great! but i have only 6 pills left

              • Hi Dan, well done for choosing our best deal! Sounds like you had great results too! Did you notice you experienced less hunger cravings due to the glucomannan in Instant Knockout?











              Instant Knockout is pretty good from what I can tell. Been using it for the last 3 weeks with good results. I was expecting a bit more, but after some thought, maybe I was asking for too much after such little time. I am hopeful that I will lose more fat in the upcoming weeks and months. The price is great for what this fat burner supplement can do and I’m going to keep using it for the foreseeable future.

              • Hi Sam. I was wondering how things are now? I think it’s been some time since you’ve started taking Instant Knockout and was wondering how you feel/look? Are you still taking it? Any replies are appreciated as I want to know more from someone who has used this for some time.

                • It’s been over 3 months since I’ve started taking IK and I feel really great. I have lost pounds of fat (at least 8) and I’ve gained muscle mass. My appetite is now under control – I used to eat very often and was eating anything I could find. Now I eat 3-5 times daily and I mostly eat quality food and very little fast food or junk food. I’m going to keep taking the pills for at least a year if not more. I want to gain more muscle and see where I am after 9+ months of taking this.

                  • Thanks for the reply, man. I appreciate it. It’s cool to hear you’re getting such good results with this. Are there any side effects that you’ve noticed? How is your energy level?

                  • I also have a few questions for you, Sam. How are you able to gain muscle mass if you eat less? Are you relying on these pills alone for that?

              • Sorry to barge in here, but are you experiencing any stomach pain? I’ve taken other supplements and they either hurt my stomach or they kept me up at night. Would just like to know if you’ve seen anything like that with Instant Knockout.

            6. Instant Knockout is great, but I also encourage people to train heavy while taking Instant Knockout. Lifting heavy has so many benefits including balancing hormone levels.

              • You’re absolutely right, we encourage people to lift weights too 💪 🙂 We’ve had requests from people who wanted stuff to do at home instead of watching tv, so this is for them 🙂











              Started using this mainly because I’ve heard nice things about Instant Knockout from some friends and another reason was the great ingredients it has (like green tea, vitamin B6, caffeine, piperine, zinc, chromium). After the first week, I noticed that my metabolism was even better than 15 years ago! I used to be able to lose pounds of fat quickly when I was young and now, with this, I can do it again! The only downside -I fell a bit tired after workouts. The plus side – I now eat about half of what I used to use!

              • Hi Pat! Fat burners that contain more caffeine will give you a quick boost of energy, but then you’ll feel tired afterwards – Instant Knockout has been formulated so you never experience energy crashes, while still experiencing the benefits of caffeine 🙂 If you want more energy boosts, then add a cup of coffee or tea to your diet, but no fat burner should give you enough energy boosts to improve your gym session immediately – that’s what pre workout supplements are for

            8. Thanks for the rundown and review. I always make sure I read up on anything before I put it in my body. I am going to give Total Knockout a go and order now. The price isn’t bad at all for what you get and what it can do for you. I look forward to seeing my results!

            9. My metabolism is so much better since I’ve started using this product. I feel better because I eat less since I’m not that hungry anymore and I have also started eating the right kind of food. I’ve reduced my meat and dairy intake and I feel a lot better. I was feeling bloated the day after I ate any kind of dairy and now I’m just fine. This has given me much more energy and I’m working out 5 times a week now – used to go 3 times.

            10. Seeing the peppers reminds me of me using cayenne pepper in my dishes; it adds so much zest to my pasta and it keeps us warm towards winter.

            11. This product is helping me achieve my goals and I am feeling a ton better. It’s kind of like my miracle pill!

            12. Well I definitely need something that reduces my appetite. I work out but I eat to much..or I consume to many calories. I’m hoping this works wonders 🙂

            13. Oh my friend is taking this stuff and she is looking really good. Trust me, once you see those results you won’t mind taking it 4 times a day! Now it’s my turn. I’m waiting on mine to arrive!

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