Staying Safe While Making Online Rebound Purchases


The long-awaited story of the world being a global village has finally become a reality. Thanks to the internet and many other technological advancements, communication and service delivery has become easier. Many people these days can enjoy a wide variety of goods and services. Also, the accessibility of the market by service providers has become easier. Online shopping has become a very common thing. And reliable websites like Needak have made it possible for both buyers and sellers to transact without limitation of geographical location. The shopping experience is epic with a wide variety of goods to pick. The discounts are tempting and the shipping is fast.

However, despite the popularity of online buying and selling growing, some people are still skeptical about making online purchases. The internet hasn’t, over the past years, proven to be the safest place for one to rely on especially with simple transactions with someone from the other side of the screen. That is, Needak makes sure that everyone who uses their sites to make any transaction is fully protected and doesn’t fall a victim of any scam.

Below are some crucial tips that everyone who wants to try online purchasing should know about so that they can have a safe and secure online purchasing experience.

  1. Reliable Websites

Needak is one of the most reliable websites which offer safe transactions for their clients. Be wary of the shopping websites that you find on search engines. This is because search results tend to be rigged for marketing purposes. Shopping sites that are reliable and safe will protect you from being ripped off by scrupulous individuals. When looking at the credibility of a website, look at the URL of the site, most fishy sites tend to use top-level domains that are different from the regular domains. If you are shopping at a new site and the deals seem to be way too sweet compared to the other sites, then it’s probably a scam.

  1. The Lock Icon

Every reliable and trusted shopping site must have the lock sign. The SSL encryption that is installed on a website means that the site has a secured lock layer. These sites are safe for making online payment especially if you are using your credit cards. Most people have been scammed and even their identity stolen by making purchases on sites that do not have the SSL encryption. So, how do you know a site that has the encryption? Its URL will start with HTTPS:// instead of the usual HTTP://. And on the status bar, you will see an icon of a padlock. If you access the Needak website, you will see the padlock sign before the site’s URL. This depends on the browser you are using. In some browsers, you will see the padlock icon on at the bottom of the webpage. Any site that doesn’t have the lock sign should be ignored.

  1. Giving Information

You don’t need to provide some information to make a purchase. It’s like walking to your local store, and the retailer starts asking for your birthday, your official names, your social security number etc. All this information is irrelevant, this is the kind of information that, when received with crooks, can be used, together with the data from your credit card and then steal your identity. The more information you provide to the guy on the other side of the screen, the easier it is for him to steal your identity. Needak doesn’t ask its customers to provide such vital information. And they encourage their clients from sharing such information with anyone.  If the site you are using requires too much information from you before you make a purchase, then it’s best to consider other reliable shopping sites like Needak.

  1. Secured Payment Methods

The only payment method you should use is the one that is secured. Any unsecured payment leaves your money vulnerable for people to steal without your knowledge. Needak is one of the shopping sites that have payment methods that are secured. Example of secured payment methods that you should look for online include: credit card payment, and PayPal. These payments will offer you a buyer’s protection in cases of any dispute. This means should you be a victim of fraudulent activity, then you won’t be the one to incur the fraudulent charges. The other measure to take in case you like making frequent online purchases is to always check your monthly statements of the credit card you use for online purchases. This will give you a better opportunity to identify any fishy or unauthorized transactions in your bank account. Be more cautious of websites which only prefer payments to be made through money transfers, bank orders, or bank checks. Do be double sure of the payment method you can look security labels that are reliable and well known.

  1. Coming Up with A Strong Password

The password is the best tool any person can use to protect themselves from any online scammers. Needak encourages their customers to make strong passwords which cannot be easily be hacked or broken. The password protects your buyer’s or seller’s account from third parties. String passwords tend to have a minimum of seven characters. The characters are a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. Most sites encourage users to combine both lower- and upper-case letters in their passwords. You can decide to make your password be a phrase that only you can remember. The important thing is to come with a strong password that only you can remember. The safest trick with passwords for online purchases is to change or reset them frequently. Many people lose their password when there is a security breach on the retailer’s site. The other precaution is to avoid using one password on all your websites’ profiles. If someone can guess one password then it means they have access to all your accounts. And, hence, very easy for them to do more harm to you.

It’s obvious that the worldwide internet access has made it user-friendly, fast, and cost-effective for people to buy things and even sell. However, you don’t need to worry about online shopping if you follow the above tips and implement them in your next online shopping experience.  Enjoy your Needak shopping experience with no worry of any third-party stealing your information or your hard-earned money.

Bob Rickman product review expert.