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Creatine is beyond question a standout amongst the most generally utilized workout supplements out there, and it’s additionally been the most studied and tested. It’s been appeared to lean muscle mass, give a speedier recovery rate, and enhance strength and endurance by lessening muscular exhaustion.

Creatine additionally makes a more full and bigger appearance of the muscles by keeping the tissues completely hydrated.

Be that as it may, not exclusively can creatine do wonders for overall physical performance, it’s additionally been appeared to upgrade brain function, prevent mental weariness, promote neuro-protection, and even give hostile to anti-aging benefits.

I’m certain you needn’t bother with any persuading about the amount it can profit pretty much anybody, from bodybuilders to the elderly. Be that as it may, what makes Natural Stacks’ BioCreatine so unique? All things considered, creatine products are a dime a dozen, and one is typically similarly on a par with the other, isn’t that so?

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BioCreatine  from is a uniquely blended formula that conveys micronized creatine in maybe the most intense and powerful way yet. By simply including two surprising ingredients, the people at Natural Stacks have made a triumphant product, and one that truly appears to stand out above the rest.

Natural Stacks is the manufacturer of well-known Smart Caffeine, MagTech (my favorite brain magnesium supplement), Natural Protein, and CILTEP — are getting in on this trend with BioCreatine. Their flagship creatine supplement, BioCreatine combines research darling creatine monohydrate with two compounds that may boost creatine absorption in the brain and body.


One included component is Fenugreek seed extract. A large part of you might be familiar with fenugreek, which is thought to increase sexual arousal, testosterone levels, vitality, and athletic performance in men.

You may likewise realize that keeping in mind the end goal to make ingested creatine effective it ought to be brought with straightforward carbs, which is the reason most commercially available creatine products incorporate sugar or some other type of carbohydrates.. The resulting insulin spike from the carbs drives creatine into the muscles.

Lean muscle growth, stamina and hydration

But what you may not know is that according to at least one study, “the use of fenugreek with creatine supplementation may be an effective means for enhancing creatine uptake while eliminating the need for excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates.”

Yet, what you may not know is that as indicated by no less than one study, “the use of fenugreek with creatine supplementation may be an effective means for enhancing creatine uptake while eliminating the need for excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates.

To put it plainly, fenugreek extract can imitate the insulin-like impact without the requirement for included sugars.


The other fascinating ingredient is Himalayan Pink Salt. It’s viewed just like the most astounding quality and most nutrient-dense source of sodium accessible, and contains more than 84 trace minerals and key electrolytes.

All in all, why include sodium? Creatine and sodium are what’s known as co-transporters, which implies that creatine absorption relies on sufficient levels of sodium in the body.


Since a great many people for the most part take creatine post-workout (when the body’s sodium levels are drained), the bio-availability of the creatine ends up being extremely decreased. Himalayan Salt is added to the BioCreatine blend with a specific end goal to enhance sodium levels and expand creatine absorption.

The Best Way to Use

An extraordinary aspect regarding BioCreatine is that it comes in capsules, which are a great deal more advantageous than powder. To a few people it’s not a big deal, yet I ldislike having to always measure out dosages of powder and ensuring it’s blended altogether. It doesn’t help that I tend to make a mess of things in the kitchen.

What’s more, since this item is so effective, you won’t need to take as highly contrasted with standard creatine supplements. With common creatine you would ordinarily take 5 grams for every day for a month (so-called “loading up” stage), and after that 5 grams on workout days.

Since BioCreatine is quite a lot more proficient, you’ll just need 2.5 grams for every serving – and it requires no loading or cycling!

Mental energy and improved working memory

The standard dose is four capsules, by and large on workout days. You can take the full measurements post-session (or even earlier), yet I personally like to take two capsules before, and two after workouts.

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Reactions and Symptoms

Another magnificent advantage which separates this item from others is that there are none of the negative reactions that are ordinarily connected with creatine use – and that incorporates bloating. One of the greatest downbakes for many people taking creatine is the puffiness and additionally abdominal water retention that it can bring about.

Since BioCreatine has such high uptake, and since substantially less is consumed, bloating does not turn into an issue. This reality alone was a big plus for me.

User Testimonials

I’ve been lifting weights since high school and was a Division 1 athlete in college. So I’ve had a lot of exposure to creatine supplements. BioCreatine is my favorite so far — and that’s saying something. It’s easy to take, easier than non-capsule creatine that sinks to the bottom of your class and makes the last sip of protein shakes gritty and terrible (and if it’s sticking to the sides of your bottle after you’re finished drinking, you’re not absorbing it). Pill form is a definite plus, and on top of that, I experienced much less bloating than I did with other creatine supplements. While I appreciate creatine’s cognitive-enhancing properties, I’m going to recommend this heavily to my gym buddies. Best creatine I’ve ever had!..” — Wesley


I’d actually never taken a creatine supplement before, and I might not stop taking them now. I exercise a few times per week, and I made definite strides when taking this supplement. But I also appreciate what it did to my overall energy — I feel like I can focus longer and have more stamina at work when taking this supplement, and I really enjoy stacking it with other nootropics.” — Ming

Places to Buy BioCreatine

I get my BioCreatine from the Natural Stacks Site Product Page where they offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Global delivery is likewise available around the world.

And the best deal that offers Natural Stacks is a Combo Pack containing Natural Protein, BioCreatine and BCAAs for just $76.95, which knocks a good $84.85 off the price of purchasing them separately. In addition this Combo Pack comes with the same 30-day guarantee.

You can also check other Combo Packs with the best all-natural ingedients and product combinations to optimize your mental and physical performance. 

Conclusion – Does it Work?

As you can see in this review, this is one of those products where you end up being happy that you got some answers. BioCreatine is more effective than other creatine brands with none of the negative symptoms. What’s not to like? This has turned into my go-to creatine of decision, and on the off chance that you choose to attempt it, I wbet it will be yours as well.

Natural Stacks’ BioCreatine combines well with some of all other favorite nootropics. Overall, I appreciated the increase in physical and mental energy, and this is definitely a fatigue-fighter we’ll be coming back to in the future. As of now, BioCreatine is one of the best supplements available on the market!

For price, user reviews and information about other products, be sure to check out the Natural Stacks Official Website.

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If you’ve used BioCreatine we’d love to hear about your own experiences. Feel free to leave a review or comment below.

BioCreatine Summary Review and Overall Rating

BioCreatine Summary Review and Overall Rating












  • Convenient to use
  • No bloating
  • Designed for optimal absorption
  • Designed for optimal absorption
  • Requires smaller doses than powder


  • Contains sodium
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  1. For me, the fact that I have heard of the company is comforting in a way that I would feel like the product is worth trying. Your review is one of the best that I have seen. Pairing this one up with the others that I have read, I think I am comfortable enough buying and trying this one out.

  2. All of the features that you have listed are exactly what I look for in a powder like this. I am hoping that with a few months of using this on a consistent basis that I will see some progress in my gains.


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