6 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Energy Before Working Out


Looking for a way to bring yourself up for a workout?

If you are a regular gym person then you know what it feels like to drag yourself to do a complete workout. You’re fatigued, tired and exhausted from work and daily chores but you know you’ve got to stick with the regimen and fight a battle with yourself to keep moving forward.

Skip one day and you might end up skipping the next day, the day after and then probably a month.

Do you feel completely wiped out halfway through your gym session?

It’s time you understand what your body’s needs are, how it works and how much energy it requires for workouts.

Luckily, a few things mentioned below can add an extra dose of energy before you hit the gym.


The simplest way to give yourself a boost is by motivating yourself.

Motivation can prove to be a powerful form of energy that’ll get you up and pumping iron in no time. It can come from anyone and anywhere.

From wanting to get in shape for your significant other or by looking at photos of your ideal figure, or by thinking about all the people that bullied you. Basically, anything you can think of will provide you with that extra power to push yourself to work out.


You’ll find a friend in caffeine when your energy levels are going down. Caffeine is proven to provide endurance, power and muscle recovery. It may be helpful in delaying muscle fatigue, and releasing endorphins and decreasing lactic acid build up.

Caffeine is a stimulant that works by releasing adrenaline in your body that in turn increases your heart rate and boosts your energy levels by providing extra glucose and oxygen to your muscles. Caffeine also enhances mental alertness.

But one thing you need to remember about caffeine is that it only gives you a temporary rise in energy and you might feel very down after its effect wears off.

On days when you are too tired, have a quick cup of espresso or green tea, just before your workout (Get your own restaurant quality espresso at home at qavashop.com).


Water is a vital component of your body, required by all body systems and organs. Being dehydrated during a workout will make you sluggish and dizzy. It’s essential to replenish your body frequently as you lose approximately 4-8 cups of water during a workout session through sweating.

Drink water in little amounts throughout your exercise session.

If your body is dehydrated not only will you feel weak and exhausted but you also won’t be able to get the most out of your workout. If your body is deficient in water it makes less energy.

Energy Supplements

If you are looking for a supplement to boost your energy pre-workout, studies show that Whey and Casein consumed together are the way to go. This shake provides you with 25 to 50 grams of protein per serving. It also comprises of fast acting carbs along with the protein to raise your energy levels.

A few supplements that you can go for independently, or mixed in with your shake, are Creatine, Beta-alanine, and Cordyceps.

A major benefit of Creatine is that it is a fuel source itself and will produce energy to your muscles. Taking creatine maximizes your workout intensity, making it the best choice for athletic activities including short, fast and explosive movements.

Other surprising benefits of Creatine include better brain performance, glucose metabolism and bone mineral density proving it to be suitable for everyone as a supplement.

BCAAs are also energy boosting supplement that comes with numerous benefits. It gets absorbed in your system in no time going directly to your working muscles.


If you take your multivitamin supplements regularly then you are probably getting the recommended daily dose, so you don’t need to take more.

If you are among those who don’t eat multivitamins or if you are a vegan eater, then Vitamin B deficiency might be the reason you feel so tired all the time.

Vitamin B is known as the energy vitamin as it a vital requisite in all chemical reactions that transfer energy from food substances to your body. Your body also needs other vitamins and minerals as well when exercising. Deficiency of these vitamins makes you feel exhausted and fatigued very soon.

Energy Foods

Diet is the main source of energy that prepares your body to work at its maximum during any type of exercise.

When you eat is another important thing that makes a lot of difference. The ideal time to have a meal is one to two hours before your workout session. This way you are making your body store energy it needs to push your muscles to their maximum.

Fruits like bananas, pineapples, mangoes and watermelons

Fresh fruits are packed with sugars along with fiber and vitamins which makes them a healthier alternative to other carbohydrate sources.


Oatmeals, cereals and grains serve as an ideal source of instant energy. They make digestion easier, keeping blood sugar levels normal.

Combine milk and fruit to oatmeals and cereals to get a good dose of glucose into your body to keep you going.

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