Guide To Building An Amazing Bum


As we all know, we have been made in different shape and sizes. Some people think they have been blessed with their derriére whilst others feel as though they have been dealt with the short straw.

What ever you may think you have, we are going to work with what you have, and turn your rear into the sexiest part of you body!

We have conjured up a great list of the most affective and proven exercises for building and shaping your glutes. When ever you train your lower body, try to choose three of the exercises listed below. Please remember, with all types of training, consistency and dedication are crucial for seeing those great results.


The most proven way of training your gluteus maximus is the squat exercise. Not only is it great for shaping your bum but it is a great exercise that strengthens your core muscles and helps tone and shape your legs. There are many ways to perform this exercise but we would recommend the following two: holding dumbbells in your hand or a bar across your shoulders (and middle part of your traps).

If you do choose to use the bar, make sure your technique is spot on and if possible ask for a spotter. Feet position is important when performing squats, the closer your feet are, the more emphasis there will be on the front of your quads, the further aware your feet, the more emphasize there will be on your hips and butt.

As already mentioned, it is important to make sure your technique and form is proper, alternatively you can use the leg press machine, this is easier than doing the movement free weight, it will still hit the same areas on the leg. The only downside is it wont hit your core muscles as much.


Another great exercise to build your glutes are lunges. A favorite exercise used by a lot of fitness models and celebrities. Jessica Simpson was noted as saying, she loved performing lunges to get her ready for her role in The Dukes of Hazard.


  • Walking Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Stationary Lunges
  • Alternating Lunges

Just in-case you aren’t too clued up on lunges, we’ll go over them briefly. We’ll cover the stationary lunges; stand with two dumbbells to the side of your body, bring one of your legs forward whilst keeping a good balance. Bend both of you legs and allow the weight to bring you down. Your the knee of your front leg shouldn’t go further than your toes. The knee on the other leg should be almost touching the floor.

Then come back up by bringing your front leg back to your stationary leg. That is a full rep, now alternate between front leg and stationary leg.

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Hip Extension

This exercise is a great addition to any workout designed to help shape or build up your butt. This exercise wont only help build you glutes but it will also help hit your hamstrings, after doing hip extensions your should feel a great burn.


Dead-lifts are a great exercise to hit your hamstrings, lower back and glutes (butt). Just like the squat exercise, using proper form and technique is critical. Your starting position should be, feet at shoulder width, feet pointing slightly outwards, with the barbell just in front of your thighs.


Whilst keeping good posture with your back, bend towards the weight from the hips and lower yourself until the barbell is at your shins. Now grab the bar, and lift up, trying to power through your legs. Remember to keep the bar close to your legs throughout the movement.

Stairmasters and Climbers

These two machines, when used properly can create great contraction in your glutes. Make sure to put the machines at a lower frequency and use honest steps.

Make sure you don’t chest your way through the session, especially tip toeing each step. You should be pushing through your heel on each step and feeling your body weight.

It is important to be performing full steps as opposed to cheating, your glutes and hamstrings will really feel it, resulting in better shaped and strengthened legs and butt. Using stairmasters and climbers are a great way to end a workout.

If you don’t have access to either of these machines, then a great alternatives are treadmills with a steep incline.

Final Words

Before you hit the gym or before your workout, there are a few points I would like to get across, that you ought to know.

Unfortunately, you cant choose where you gain fat, nor can you choose a specific body part where you want to loose fat. Having a better diet and training right will decrease the level of fat on your body. The shape and size of your butt is mostly genetic but you can improve on what you have following the steps and advice above.

There isn’t a magic exercise that will specifically change your butt. This goes for every exercise, but different exercises can put more of an emphasis on certain parts. Hard work in the gym along side good rest and diet will bring out the best in your butt!

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