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*POWERFUL HERBAL DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FORMULA CONTAINS THE BIG 3- Unlike other products, Taiy Nutrition healthy weight loss pills are made with 100% pure, premium ingredients you can trust. The Big 3 combines the most powerful and popular, safe and effective appetite suppressant for weight loss ingredients on the market today: Trim Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean & Raspberry Ketones.; * FDA APPROVED APPETITE SUPPRESSANT FOR WEIGHT LOSS PILLS- Garcinia Cambogia is a sub-tropical plant that hugely stimulates serotonin levels to significantly decrease appetite. Raspberry Ketone extract stimulates thermogenesis to increase the rate the body breaks down and burns fat. Green Coffee Bean extract significantly reduces the absorption of glucose to block the absorption of fat and is naturally packed full of antioxidants.; * NATURAL EXTRA STRENGTH APPETITE SUPPRESSANT FOR MEN AND WOMEN- Highly effective green coffee, raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia extract natural weight loss pills that help your ability to control hunger and resist the cravings for extra foods that pack on the weight. Made with 100% pure, premium ingredients proven to work as an all natural appetite suppressant that will help slim and tone your body and achieve the physique you desire. 
; * ALL NATURAL METABOLISM BOOSTER- Our metabolism booster pills work by naturally raising body temperature in order to burn more calories. Green coffee bean extract for weight loss helps to promote a faster metabolism by supporting the body to properly metabolize carbs and sugars into energy, instead of fat. This leaves you with an overall feeling of health and natural vitality.; * NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER ASSISTS IN HIGHER ENERGY LEVELS- Elevate your day with just one capsule of natural energy metabolism booster. These natural appetite suppressant pills are energy packed and will get you through your entire day with energy to spare. Now you can enjoy three amazing, proven energy boosting and Dr Recommended weight loss ingredients in one super pill formula.

User reviews

Love this weight loss supplement! At first I was hesitant to take these because I know that supplements doesn't work overnight and I have little patience to wait for the results. The first week of taking these I notice an increase in my metabolism, I used to get tired easily specially at work but Fit and Trim seems to work great with me! I will keep taking these as Im loving the result! Happy customer
This has ingredients to cut fat 3 different ways and I love it! I have more energy, less of an appetite and it helps with burning fat. I work out a lot and this has given me energy without jitters. I would definitely recommend this.
I am very sensitive to taking anything. I am very pleased with this product, no stomach upset and no jittery feeling! so far so good! I feel like I can take these while I focus on losing a few pounds with diet and excerise too!
When I diet, I just need a little help and this product does just that. It boosts your metabolism and keeps your energy up when you start exercising and cutting back on calories. Great product!
Been using this product now for almost 3 weeks. Definitely a big change in my appetite, not so many craving. helping me stick to my weight loss regime. No stomach issues either, I love it.
Started using this product and feel a difference over the past couple of weeksFeel more energetic and less hungry than usualPlanning on buying more
This supplement suppresses my appetite and gives me a nice added boost of energy without the jitters or messing with my stomach. Its the perfect mix for me and I am very sensitive to these kinds of products.

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