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pAGG by NewHealth Solutions: Check out our website for testimonials and special offers AS SEEN ON: - October 2011 Cover of Woman's World Magazine - "The Diet Pill Miracle you've been praying for!" - NBC's Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - Follow Craig's Weightloss Journey These 2 bottles give you 1 month supply of our pAGG Supplement System, you will receive: 90 Tablets of pAGG All Day™. Each tablet contains: - 150 mg of 100% R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA). Higher quality than racemic mixture of R/S ALA - 200 mg of Garlic Extract (aged for 20 months with High Allicin Potential) - 542 mg of Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract yielding 325 mg of EGCG - 100 mcg of Biotin - B complex reduces glucose levels in the blood and plays a key role in protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Biotin can bring increased energy levels. 30 Tablets of pAGG Night Time™. Each tablet contains: - 25 mg of Policosanol - 150 mg of R-ALA - 200 mg of Garlic Extract - 100 mcg of Biotin WHAT ARE OTHERS SAYING ABOUT OUR INGREDIENTS: - "Unintended but significant reduction in body-fat" - Tim Ferriss, 4 Hour Body - "ALA a natural antioxidant that can influence the rate at which blood sugar is burned" - CBS News - "Garlic also increases metabolism. A higher metabolism burns calories faster and can lead to weight-loss" - Livestrong.com - "Green Tea shifts your fat-fighting metabolism into high gear. Its powers come mostly from an antioxidant called EGCG" - Womens Health - "Biotin plays a key role in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates" - Bodybuilding.com DIRECTIONS Take 1 pAGG All Day 15 min before meals and 1 pAGG Night Time tablet before bed. Daily: 3 x All Day and 1 x Night Time

User reviews

Following a knee injury about twenty years ago, I put on about 45 pounds by drastically cutting down exercise without changing my eating habits. When my physician suggested *again* that I lose some weight, I chose my pre-injury weight as a target, and used the slow-carb diet described in Tim Ferriss' The 4 Hour Body to lose the first 22 pounds. When my weight loss plateaued, I found ways to add in low-impact exercise and the supplements Tim describes in "The Four Horsemen of Weight Loss" chapter. Fortunately, the pAGG stack is now available in combination capsules, so instead of a baker's dozen of tablets and capsules daily, I could take one capsule with each meal, and one at bedtime. Since the pAGG stack is not based on stimulants like caffeine and ephedrine, I didn't have problems with over-stimulation, though I noticed my metabolism was running warmer. I hit my weight target five weeks ago, and am now working to stay at that weight while putting on muscle. I found the pAGG stack effective and easy to use.
Great product! If you follow Tim Ferris' advise on your eating habits AND taking this PAGG Supplement, the results are incredible! I've lost almost 30 pounds in about 5 months, and love the results!There are a number of PAGG options available on Amazon, but I like this one the best. I have tried several others, often cheaper alternatives. All of them are capsules, plastic pills with a powdered supplement inside of them. I have trouble with those, as they give me that burning feeling halfway down to my stomach. Especially if you take them on a daily basis.New Health Solutions are actual pills, not capsules. They go down very easy with a glass of water and have no garlic smell or aftertaste. Ordering is easy, shipping is quick, and if you need customer service, it is a simple email away. I highly recommend the product and the company, I've ordered more for the coming year.
When I started PAGG on my own, I was taking individual pills/capsules for each of the 'parts' - a couple policonsanol, alpha-lipoid acid, green tea extract, garlic, etc. along with Slo-Niacin and a couple others - which meant taking at least 4 capsules each meal and almost a dozen and a half over the course of a single day. Not only did the volume of capsules raise some eyebrows of those around me, but it became a hassle reordering as some supplements would run out before others.The NewHealth PAGG Stack solves for both the recommended potency and the reordering process. With those challenges out of the way, getting into the habit of taking PAGG everyday has been a breeze.
This is my first review cause i think it's important to post my result after taking these pills on here. Along with following the Timothy Ferris diet strictly, these pills have helped expedite my fat burning! My body is skinny fat and i wanted to get rid of my belly fat and get toned, though i have lost only 4 pounds with the diet and the pills, my measurements of my waist, arms, legs have decreased DRASTICALLY. My face also gets smaller and is clear of acne. All my friends and family have complimented on my body change. I have a solid scientific understanding, and tend to get very skeptical of diet drugs and am still a huge advocate of natural diet and exercising. These pills are consisted of natural ingredients and are backed up by research experiments on Pubmed. Highly recommended! 🙂
Love this product - I'm using this in conjunction with the 4-hour body, and it's really helped fuel my success. I've lost 7lbs in 5 weeks by following this diet -- ahem, LIFESTYLE -- plan, as well as this product. That may not seem like a lot, but I am a hard loser, and this is more progress than I've made in the last year on my own just counting calories. I love this product in particular because it's economical, perfectly portioned (one pill vs. 4+ at a time), and makes it pretty much a no-brainer. (A bonus for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or takes other supplements as well.) I'd recommend this to anyone who's doing the 4HB and looking for that extra boost.
Love this stack; I've been on the 4hb/slow carbs diet for the last 3 months and had a great traction; Hitting a plateau I added the PAGG stack and saw immediate impact losing extra 2-3 pounds a week immediately which is meaningful.I tried many stacks and so far this one seems strong and better value than others: the night and day pills are in different colors/shapes, making it easy to travel and differentiate, only 1 tablet is needed each time (others require 2-3 capsules at once), and pricing is fair.Packaging is great and delivery was timely.I recommend this formula
I've been taking this supplement for a month now... with a regular exercise regimen and a fairly low-carb diet, I've lost two pounds each week for a total of eight (8) pounds lost. That's a reasonable rate of loss, for me, because believe me, I'm not working out all that hard or being all that strict with the diet. This product might promote even faster weight loss for those of you willing to up the amount/intensity of exercise or diet more strictly. It's easy to take and there's no queasy feeling or unsavory aftertaste. I recommend it. Good luck!

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