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✅ ADVANCED PRE-WORKOUT AND SHREDDING FORMULA: New Pre-Workout designed to power your intense workouts while also supporting your fat loss goals with 18 active ingredients.; ✅ MORE BENEFITS: Thermogenic Fat Burning Formula, with Energy, Endurance and Enhanced Mental Focus Support for pre workouts; ✅ KEY INGREDIENTS: ENGN SHRED MATRIX of CLA, L-Carnitine, Coleus Extract, Yohimbe Bark Extract and Capsimax. MIND-TO-MUSCLE MATRIX of Toothed Clubmoss(Huperzine A), Alpha GPC, Choline Bitartrate, and L-Tyrosine. STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE SUPPORT from Beta Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, Betaine and Caffeine from GREEN TEA. B VITAMIN COMPLEX of Niacin, B6, Folic Acid and B 12. Creatine free pre workout with nitric oxide supplements.; ✅ HIGHEST QUALITY: Premium high quality ingredients manufactured in the U.S.A in a F.D.A. approved facility using strict GMP Guidelines; ✅ AMAZING FLAVORS: Delicious flavors developed to make drinking ENGN SHRED as enjoyable for pre-workouts

User reviews

This product is amazing it's help me achieve my goal and give me energy to the whole day. I was 200lb after 3 month of taking it I'm now 182lb
This is a great pre workout, I've been taking it for a few weeks.I do crossfit, and before this I wasn't good at it since I am in bad shape, but after this PW I can finish my WODs in really good time, I can feel more energy and a lot of focus during the workout, it is like there's nothing else and you can focus on your reps.I suffer migraines, so I was worried it could cause me headaches, but it does not. No jitters, no crash, no side effects so far.By the way, you should read carefully to the warning in the label, do not take it at night, I have a couple of times at 9pm and I couldn't sleep untill 2am.Bottom line: It's an amazing product for a nice price!
This is a great product but if you are sensitive to caffeine, start with half to 3/4 scoop to gauge your tolerance. I was using Beachbody Energize prior to this and could handle 2 scoops of that(I weigh 250lbs). So I jumped right in with a full scoop of this and took it around 4pm. I was overamped and felt way over caffeinated. I finally fell asleep around 2am and tossed and turned all night. Not that I crashed, it was just a prolonged come down. I backed down to around 2/3 scoop and that's perfect for me. Versus Energize, I don't get the beta alanine tingles from this but do feel more thermogenic from it and sweat quite easily taking this. Overall, I am happy as I have to take less to get the same result and it's cheaper than Energize. Not that Energize was bad by any means, just wanted to try something new. The grape is killer, tastes like sweetened grape kool-aid. Pick this up, you won't be disappointed.
I have used many different pre-workouts over the past few years and this one has become my new go-to. I don't like pre-workouts with a lot of caffiene, and EVL Engn Shred has the perfect amount to get me pumped up for my lift, but not jittery.I love the thermo aspect of Engn Shred also. The beta alanine content is just enough to get you tingly, and my body hasn't gotten used to it yet, which has been the case with previous pre-workouts.The taste of this pre-workout is also AWESOME. The grape tastes like grape big league chew/bubble tape. 5 stars! I will be purchasing this product again.Overall, great product and I highly recommend this to anyone.
I absolutely love this product! I bought the Blue Raz flavor and not only does it taste great, but it also gives me a great feeling of energy and focus without a crash afterwards! I can't wait to try the other flavors out!
I have tried a million different preworkouts over the last ten years. This ranks up there as one of my favorites. Taste is phenomenal, energy is great and the thermogenic qualities are a great touch to aid in fat burning. Will buy again
I was already hooked on ENGN and now ENGN shred lol! I love the two punch approach to this product, fat burner and pump and energy accelerator! Get the same great pumps as regular engn but I noticed a slightly bigger kick in the energy. I like how it has the added CLA and the capsimax. This is great when combined with the Lean BCAA for during workout and then the Lean BCAA energy post workout!!! Also can’t forgrt the pump mode with the engn, this is a killer stack for leaning out!

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