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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is thought to play a role in reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass and improving exercise performance.; CLA supplementation is becoming popular with nutritionists and fitness experts for its potential as a weight loss and energy enhancing supplement; When combined with diet and exercise, studies suggest that CLA may stimulate the breakdown of stored body fat and block new fat cells from growing.; Easy to take soft gel manufactured in the USA

User reviews

I'm one of the many unfortunate people who tend to have the hardest time losing weight around their mid section. No matter how low carb I go, no matter how much water I drink, no matter how much dairy I cut out my diet; my tummy has always given me trouble since I began my weight loss journey (and no I don't have lose skin). I follow many fitness blogs/forums and and posted about my troubles and a person who had experienced the same problems I faced suggested I try this supplement. I was a little leery because aside from multivitamins I didn't want to take any more "supplements." So I did my research and came across this brand of CLA supplements. What sold me was that it was stimulant free and the many positive reviews on people's success with weight loss using it, particularly in the mid section area. I have been taking this product for only 2 weeks and have noticed a difference already. My ab muscles are beginning to stick out more without the need to flex, plus it gives me slightly more energy although stimulant free. I would highly suggest this product and will follow up on a month with my results.
Wife noticed a difference after she plateaued. Remember that there are a lot of factors that come into play when looking for results. This is not a game changer, but does provide a small amount of success if you do the rest right.
What a great product. CLA is an often overlooked supplement that people should really include in their weight loss stack. Evolution Nutrition CLA1000 is fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic addition to shed those extra pounds.
I've been using this for a couple of years helps me I cycle on and off of course use with a 1300 calorie diet and 4 days of 2 hrs cardio daily results can be rewarding diet is key just don't take the CLA without diet and exercise key point don't let the body become immune to it set goals and push through it's ur BODY it's your JOB
The CLA 1000 by Evlution Nutrition does everything and more that it promises. Love it and would highly suggest this product and others. Thanks for the great products. You have a customer for life.
Great! Takes a while to notice the effects of CLA, but this product seems to be good thus far.
Gf loves them not only do they help with appetite suppressan. But they give her good energy through out the day.

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