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THE REAL WHEY: Jay Robb Whey Isolate Powder is a clean, delicious, and protein-packed way to promote your health goals.; BUILD + REPAIR: Whey protein helps fuel the process to build new muscle faster and support metabolism.; NUTRITION MADE DELICIOUS: Nourishing your body is easy and outrageously delicious with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and more.; EASY TO BLEND: Our easy-to-mix formula simplifies getting your protein on the run, in the gym, or at home.; NUTRITION WITHOUT COMPROMISE: No compromise means rBGH free, non-GMO, and contains no gluten, fat, cholesterol, sugar, aspartame, or lactose.

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— INTRODUCTION —Why I use protein powder: I am an avid powerlifter and nutrition fanatic who is extremely conscience about “what” she puts into her body. I have a very aggressive fitness routine where I am in the gym at least 4-5 days a week. Primarily, I engage in a lot of HIIT workouts and then on at least 1 or two of those days—I test my strength levels. Having a high quality protein powder available after my “intense” workouts is integral to helping muscles repair quicker.That said, Jay Robb’s Vanilla Whey has earned its place on my TOP 10 list of Best Proteins.— THE PACKAGING —Jay Robb’s Whey Protein comes in a re-sealable Ziploc container. Easy to store and portable enough to carry around (like to the office or the gym). One of my favorites is the recipes listed on the back of the package helping users create many different delicious smoothies.FYI: I store my bag in the refrigerator for extended freshness.— THE QUALITY —This protein powder has a clean look (meaning the powder is not yellowish.My batch was not clumpy (a good sign of freshness).The powder blended extremely well [using a hand-shaker). I would not recommend putting it in an electric blender as it would further breakdown more of the protein structure and you want to maintain as much of the whole protein as possible in order for it to be effective.If you MUST blend—then by all means add whole fruit to the mixture.— THE INGREDIENTS —Jay Robb Whey Protein powder is rBGH free, non-GMO and contains no gluten, no fat, no cholesterol, no sugar, no aspartame, and no lactose. It does have stevia for those of you who do not like the after taste of it or are hypothyroid.I am detracting a star here primarily because the label mentions, “Whenever ingredients are not available we get our material from other suppliers in the world”. It would be great for customers to know where from in the world those raw materials are being sourced.Nonetheless, I appreciate the companies “truth in labeling”—the overall product is great and I will continue to use it.— TASTE —Vanilla is good, but there is a slight aftertaste perhaps from the stevia.I use the protein with nut milks such as coconut and almond—it tastes absolutely delish.— LOSE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM —Exercise 4days/week for at least 45 minutes of HIITDrink a Protein Shake no more than 30 minutes post a workoutEat 10oz of fresh pineapple and/or papaya—this helps to breakdown protein and aids in building lean muscleDuring the Week:BREAKFAST: Eat light (devoid of sugary foods)LUNCH: Eat wholesome (such as grilled/baked meats, steamed veggies, low pasta)DINNER: Eat fresh green leafy salads w/ vinaigrette dressingALWAYS: Drink plenty of clean water up to 64oz/daySIDE NOTE:For those of you looking to build/maintain muscle—still drink a protein shake no more than 30 minutes post an “intense” workout followed by 10oz of fresh pineapple or papaya to help “break down” the protein particles as it passes through your digestive system.Remember, the human body has difficulty breaking down protein hence the reason adding an enzyme to the diet is imperative to help your body absorb the benefits of what the protein is intended to do.— CLOSING THOUGHTS —Would I recommend this product? Absolutely Yes!Jay Robb’s Whey is one of my “go to” proteins and best of all—it works. After using it for 6 weeks coupled with exercise and diet, I lost 8 pounds. Some nights, all I had was one of these protein shakes AFTER a WORKOUT. What I noticed was a tremendous decrease in my appetite the following morning. Research has proven one of the ways to lose weight is caloric-reduction. Jay Robb Whey is a good protein for achieving weight loss (if used properly).For a variety of tastes, try you Jay Robb Whey Protein with the following:A) YogurtB) Nut Milks and/orC) Coconut WaterBest of Everything on your journey to Wellness,Aware
Jay Robb whey protein is the only protein powder my sensitive taste buds can handle. It is a tolerable flavor, with the chocolate being my favorite versus the other flavors in the Jay Robb whey protein powders line. I mix it with cold skim milk using the measuring scoop included in the package to measure and pour, and I use a fork or small whisk to mix it into the milk as well as possible. It never quite gets completely smooth, but the flavor is so vastly better than other protein powders I’ve tried, I can deal with a few lumps. I would recommend this to anyone recovering from weight loss surgery, in place meals for appetite control, or for muscle nourishment before or after work outs.
I have been using this product for months now. It tastes fantastic! I was even able to mix it into a smoothie for my younger son who typically doesn't like the taste of anything that includes protein powders. He thought that it was fantastic. It is also reasonably priced. The only issue that prevented me from giving this product five stars is that when I simply use a spoon to mix it with water (which is what I do that half the time), it does not dissolve easily at all. I stir for some length of time and yet still have some residue on the glass as well as on the spoon. It does end up tasting good anyway, however.
I am not an expert in nutrition so I cannot advise on the science of the powder, the only input I can give is it tastes good. I would recommend checking to see if you can tolerate dairy products as whey is a derivative of dairy so check it out prior to purchasing.Additionally make sure you are buying from a local company unless you do not need it right away, I live in WA state, the supplier I bought it from is located in NJ, no issues with service or company it just took longer than it would have had I ordered from a local provider of the product.If taste is all that matters to you then I highly recommend this product.
Almost everyday for the past five years, I've been having shakes for breakfast (I'm just lazy and do not want to cook). Nothing better then fresh blueberries, strawberries and a banana mixed with Jay Robb Protein Powder (I like the chocolate flavor). I even mix it in oatmeal when I am feeling industrious enough to cook in the morning.
Jay Rob is a great product. However, I much prefer the egg white protein over the Whey. It just does not go down a smooth. Has a little after taste that the egg white does not have. .In the future, I would not order Whey but certainly would continue to order Jay Robb Egg white. All in all Jay Robb makes a superior product over other Protein products and it worth trying. The Shipping was a little slow but it was right before the holidays so I do not attribute it to the seller ,rather to the seasonal circumstances.
This has a very good taste but way too sweet. However, I will continue to buy it because it is sweetened with Stevia and has 0 carbs and 0 sugars. And that fits how I'm eating atm. I had to take off a star because it's too sweet.

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