Sex Over 50 – Infographic


It is a major milestone in one’s life to reach the age of 50 and it really feels like you are entering a new chapter in your sex life. Things in your family might begin to quieten down, children might be starting to leave the family home to go to college and so on. Of course there are physical and physiological changes that occur to both men and women as they advance beyond 50 but the majority of those issues are widely treatable by a physician.

It’s important to keep a focus on your sex life too once you pass this significant age and it can bring a fantastic new aspect to your advancing years. If you are with a partner, you might find that you are able to reconnect better on certain levels as things like baby making are no longer an issue. Even if you are single, activities like self pleasure ie masturbation can bring huge enjoyment and fulfilment.

Consider introducing adult toys into the mix too to really step things up for yourself or for you and your partner. The possibilities are many; it’s about time you opened your mind to what a rejuvenated sex life can deliver beyond the age of 50. The people at Carvaka have put together this infographic below which details some interesting topics on this subject including separating the myths from the facts; focusing on issues that might need consideration and lots more! Check the full infographic out below.

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  1. Kegel balls is something I am considered. I am single after a long divorce. We both agreed we needed to move on. Problem is, we are the parents of 3 adults children… And I am now 49! So I really want to be able to feel confident down there after three kids. This was a nice article. It actually made me feel better about myself.

  2. My husband and I have always had a decent sex life. After the kids moved out, we “found” each other again. I can tell you someone, I am having better more freeing sex in my 50’s than I did in my 20’s or 30’s! There is no stress or strain. We click and know what each other likes. We are trying new things. It is fantastic!

  3. I recently read up on ED and to my surprise, most men suffer from it because of prescriptions, poor diet, and even being snipped! I guess that alone increases your risk by 60% of having issues later in life. It is amazing what people assume of old age. Most if it is down to crap we do to be healthier. The irony. Great read!

  4. What treatment can be effective to get rid of premature ejaculation? Because once the people get older this problem arises sooner.

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