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What really grinds your gears? Could you honestly say you know what motivates you to be the strongest you can be, and what makes you want to give your best, in every way single possible way even with anybody watching? Is this something that you know? If you don’t, then this may be why you are unhappy with these certain aspects of your life and you wish you were.

How I look at motivation, is what can make me angry enough to get off my feet and accomplish something. Has something happened to set you back, is there someone who makes you mad? Do you get the picture? This article is going to consist of the mad ramblings that take place in my head when it comes to motivation, not just in regards to fitness but also throughout life, so get comfy, read, and get angry enough to do something about the things you fall short on today!

When you enter that gym, you need to know, you have to lift like it! What I’m getting at is whenever I enter the gym I see a tonne of guys who are going about it like they have a crazy amount of tries to get it correct and today is just a warm up, when actual fact, it isn’t. When you enter the gym, you need to carry yourself in a certain way, and have the need to kill that workout, as if every person you have ever despised has walked in behind you to watch you do your workout and fail.

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I can confidently say, if you enter the gym with this type of mentality you will not drop a single weight and your will push yourself even harder, don’t try, just do. Don’t give up before your rep count is up and if you do, make sure you have a very short rest and get back into it and finish your set. Hit your workout’s like it’s the last chance you will ever get to become ‘jacked’, don’t let yourself down and I guarantee you will have a great sense of satisfaction!


Secondly; I see a few guys who really push it in the gym, until it hurts, burns and they have nothing left to give. You will always hear these guys going “one more” for one simple reason; these are the reps that give you the edge, these are the reps that get you to the next level and break plateaus. I tell my circle of people, these types of reps are called “hater reps”, and to visualize that person or group of people, they want to prove wrong, to reach their goals. Approaching your workouts in this manner and with this attitude will produce the type of intensity that is required to hit those extra reps on each set.

Do you realize, that if your workout consist of 20 sets, and you can execute an additional rep per set, that will give you an extra 20 reps per workout. I can strongly say that there isn’t a single person who couldn’t benefit from that single bit of extra math. When working out, the smaller details can really help towards greater gains. I have literally, wrote this article from the top of my head, without any drafts, pre-structuring or editing.

I have literally written this on pure thought on what goes through my head before each workout and how I go about it.

It is simply amazing the results you can achieve and not squander your potential, just by going into the gym with a greater motivation. Try to attack the gym, like you’re some kind of caged animal waiting to break free and attack, this is the type of mentality you want to take to the gym, you will find yourself mentally pumped up and on edge when you do this, but that’s good, you should be.

Just thinking on the muscle gain and strength you have missed out on already, should be enough to motivate you! With all that has been said, it’s time to go out there, enter the gym and completely rip it apart. Attack those weights with a ruthless aggression and leave knowing you gave it your all, and then bask in your own personal satisfaction.

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