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WHAT IS NECTAR®?+ Nectar® is SI03’s brand of whey protein isolate (WPI) beverage powder. WHY ONLY WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE?+ Although more expensive than protein concentrates, protein isolates are a minimum of 90% protein and have ZERO fat and ZERO carbohydrates. They are considered the luxury proteins and have a refined taste and color profile. Promina™ brand whey protein is the only protein source used in Nectar® because of its superior neutral taste, solubility and mouthfeel. HOW CAN NECTAR® BE PURE PROTEIN WITHOUT SUGAR . . . IT TASTES TOO SWEET AND TOO GOOD?+ First, Nectar® contains the purest whey protein ever created. It is snow white without the usual protein aftertaste associated with most whey proteins. Second, the flavors are engineered specifically so that Nectar® has no protein off-notes or aftertastes. The sweetness comes from the precise blend of two high-intensity, non-nutritive sweeteners. HOW SHOULD NECTAR® BE MIXED?+ This is based on taste preference. Nectar® tastes delicious in 8–16 ounces of water. We recommend to start with 8 ounces of water. If it tastes too strong, then dilute it/weaken it with an appropriate amount of water. Nectar® Lattes and Nectar® Sweets can be mixed with either milk or water. CAN NECTAR® BE CONSUMED IN ANY OTHER WAY?+ Yes! Nectar® can be eaten like candy right out of the container.

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Delicious flavor. After bariatric surgery, based on recommendations, I previously have been drinking the Premier brand already prepared shakes. Although they are OK, I got tired of them. I believe that they provide about the same protein for equal amount of powder/fluids combination, but Nectar has more calories if you mix it with milk. However, I believe the taste is superior. I have not yet tried it with water, which would then have less calories. Strawberry Mousse is very good tasting.
my boyfriend loved the flavor - helped keep him on track with his weight loss regiment and kept him hydrated.

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