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Overcome Fatigue & Restore Performance… in ONE Serving! Recover Faster & Stronger ​ Maybe you go to the gym, maybe you pound the pavement, or maybe you hit the hills on a bike – but let’s get real – the trick to optimal performance is muscle recovery. That’s why we’ve formulated the most advanced and effective protein supplement available. For avid athletes and casual exercise enthusiasts alike, our hydrolyzed whey protein isolate helps you recover faster and stronger, while allowing you to train hard again and again and again. How do we do it? Our exclusive two-step process goes beyond traditional protein-manufacturing methods. PROGENEX first isolates, extracts, and concentrates growth factors found in early stage cow’s milk. We continue the process with microfilters and ultrafilters for the cold-processed whey and enzymatically hydrolyze the whey isolate (in other words, we break down the protein into peptide form so that it mostly skips the digestion phase and readily absorbs into your starving muscles). The final product is a superior-quality whey protein isolate that goes directly to work repairing and rebuilding your muscles.   At PROGENEX, we believe that just as your training produces results, so should your supplements. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner athlete and perform at your peak by providing the best supplements available, made from only the finest and highest quality ingredients. Recovery is backed by extensive product testing and development and continues to deliver real results. If you are ready to make your mouth and muscles smile, add Recovery to your post-workout routine today.   Not all Proteins Are Created Equal ​ ​ PROGENEX Recovery lives up to its name by delivering high concentrations of fast-absorbing amino acids directly to the blood stream. By beginning with the highest quality whey protein isolate available and breaking it down into smaller streams of amino acids, Recovery delivers what your muscles need in a matter of minutes instead of hours. This quick absorption allows for faster recovery and rebuilding of muscle strength. Take Your Recovery to the Highest Level ​ ​ Trusted by Olympians, athletes and CrossFitters around the world, Recovery has been proven in a University clinical trial to help athletes recover faster & stronger than those who consume water or generic whey protein isolate post-workout. If the Fittest in the World trust their bodies to PROGENEX, shouldn’t you? Give Your Muscles What They...

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Buy this NOW, this is one the best proteins out there not only now for its taste but also its ability to provide the consumer with pure hyrdolyzed whey protein. This is a high-end product that will make the consumer come back hungry for more. Progenex not only just exports recovery protein but also other products to help fuel your performance to the next level and make the user feel restocked of crucial amino acids that are needed for muscle function and recovery. This supplement works on and off the clock just like athletes that have no time for making that post workout drink. This product also has travel size packets that carry the same nutritional value as the large bags. You will not be let down by this product, it has the research to back it's claims.
I have been using recovery for about a month now and I LOVE it! I mix it with BUILD after my xfit workouts and there is definitely a difference! Before Progenex I wouldn't use anything. Maybe a protein shake but nothing like this! My muscles aren't as sore the next day ! Which is great considering that xfit uses a lot of different muscle groups everyday!It taste pretty good too. Strong peanut butter taste .. almost like a Reeses!
Taste wise it's pretty good. I got the Belgium chocolate flavor. No clumps. Easy on the belly. Pretty thin shake if you do with just water but almond milk makes it creamier and more dessert like. From workout standpoint I was not too impressed by the results. It's been about a month. I crossfit about 5-6 times per week. I used to use Muscle Pharm Combat which has a more varied mix of protein in it. And I feel that after switching over to Progenex Recovery I felt more muscle fatigue.
I was kinda disappointed because this is not the BEST tasting recovery drink that i've had in the CHOCOLATE category. If you're going to get anything form them I would suggest STRONGLY suggest to get the Cookies & Cream product. It tastes a lot better, and it has real cookie.
I have never taken recovery products before, but this has everything I could ask for. I mix a little dry milk then add water to make it more similar to chocolate milk consistency, and it tastes great. Most importantly, my recovery is noticeably better after a I take this than when I just stretch.
The chocolate flavor is fantastic. I mix I. Protein shakes, or just with coconut milk. Been using only 2 weeks, but do feel like it helps with recovery and soreness, and I am seeing gains.My training is mixture of triathlon, weightlifting, and CrossFit.
Belgium Chocolate Progenex is by far my favorite protein drink. It certainly satisfies my chocolate addiction in a healthy way I have been using it for years. I have tried other protein shakes but always come back to Belgium Chocolate. Single serving portions that are available are also great for travel.

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