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Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey uses pure Whey Protein Isolates as the primary ingredient. Combined with ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, each serving provides 24 grams of all-whey protein and 5.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are prized by athletes for their muscle building qualities. With more than 20 tempting flavors to choose from, ON’s Gold Standard 100% Whey gives you plenty of ways to keep workout recovery interesting.

User reviews

Why ON why?? Why change a great thing. This one star review is for the new formula Optimum Nutrition is using. I've been using this product for 5 years and will never again purchase it unless they change it back to the original formula. Checking the ingredients it looks like they have added sucralose, among other things, which tastes absolutely disgusting. Honestly I'm sad because this was my go to protein powder, it had the best flavor, was easy to drink, and I recommended it to everyone. But tryingbthis new formula triggered my gag reflex, made me wash out my mouth and is still making me feel sick. ON - your target audience are health and fitness people, why on earth would you give us something so artificial and useless nutrition wise as sucralose??? Why?? Good job losing a life long customer.
I ordered the Chocolate Malt. The ingredients listed in the description are different than what they sent me. I am dissapointed that Optimum Nutrition changed their original product (which was the best you could find) to a new formula that's full of sweeteners and lacking the Aminogen™ ingredient that was listed as an ingredient. I'm just dissapointed. It was such a great product and now they're losing customers because some idiot up top decided to change what was already an excellent product.EDIT: Amazon fully refunded my purchase almost immediately reaching out to them. They apologized and told me to keep the protein. This is why I will continue to use amazon. Their Customer was top notch
Vanilla Ice CreamPlease listen, ❗️DO NOT BUY IT❗️I have in the past spoken and reviewed this product as the best among the lot but that was before Optimum Nutrition changed the ingredients.The old one had Aminogen, a blend of digestive proteases (enzymes) which helps absorption and helps the process of digestion. They took this out and instead added Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, SALT & SUCRALOSE. The total number of servings was also reduced from 77 to 73 which is no big deal. Now, who in the world needs Salt added to their protein powder, as though we are not already consuming excess salt? Of what benefit is the addition of salt to the consumer? Likewise, how does the addition of Sucralose, an artificial sweetener and chlorinated sugar help the consumer? Will you rather have an ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER in your food or not? Did I mention that it already has Acesulfame which is also a sugar substitute? The addition of Sucralose has made the product so intolerably sweet and tastes so artificial. I never take it just with water alone since it's first use. I make sure to add raw old fashioned oats and increase the water to numb the sweetness but to no avail. The sweetness is absolutely overbearing and leaves a HORRIBLE aftertaste.Besides the bad taste, there's a divided opinion in the scientific world about the detrimental health effects of Sucralose. Just do a google search and draw your own conclusions.Optimum Nutrition ruined what IMHO WAS ONCE the best protein powder. PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT.
I've done a lot of homework on different protein supplements, and found that ON is one of the best out there. I have attached the lab results of their label claims vs. actual ingredient, and it is more accurate than its peers.Beyond that, this is one of the best tasting low carb/fat protein shakes out there. I dont find it too sweet at all and I can handle taking it every day for weeks and weeks without getting bored of the flavor. One thing I do know about flavors is that opinion highly varies between people, but you will find a ON gold standard whey that you love. Rocky Road/ Extreme milk chocolate/ Chocolate/ Double rich are all just chocolate variants, so start off buying a small container until you find the one you like the most!I start my workouts off with a serving of Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout - Watermelon Flavor when i am on the way to the gym, approx. 15-20 mins before my workout. I bring a bag full of ON gold standard whey with me to the gym so when im finished my workout, I can immediately get a hit of protein to begin the process of muscle building as soon as possible!DO NOT believe someone when they say "x flavor is the best!" and then go off and buy the 5lb tub and have to choke down something you hate. Test it out for yourself!I would also like to note I am a normal guy, not a crazy fitness freak, so my suggestions are really for anybody to follow! If anybody is wondering ive just followed stronglifts 5x5.
One of the best whey protein powders out there. I use it after each workout or in a morning smoothie. Tastes very good and mixes well.
This is the best protein supplement I have ever used. Not only do I feel better, but this stuff really works. I've been told that Optimum Nutrition isn't know for it's great flavor, but this one actually tastes good. I wasn't sure which flavor to go with because they have so many. I went with the mocha cappuccino because of the caffeine. I'm glad I chose this because I had to use it to water a few times and it actually didn't taste that bad. When it is mixed with milk, it tastes really good. If you need a protein supplement, get ON. The 5 pound container is huge, but if you use it regularly, it goes quick. You can save a good deal of money by getting the 5 pound.
I love this protein. My boyfriend and I have tried cellucor and muscle milk and this brand/flavor (milk chocolate) is hands down the best for price and flavor. For some reason the other chocolate flavor is really gross, but the milk chocolate one is spot on perfect. If you weren't sure between the two, always go with this one. My boyfriend likes to run out of the house and down a scoop really quickly from a glass. This mixes very well with just a fork if you don't want to shell out on blender bottles. We've used this protein for protein cakes and it works especially well with that too. They used to sell this at costco, but it seems like Amazon is the best place to get it now. For the nutritional facts, price, and flavor, I don't think I'll ever change brands.

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