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Whey is a substance produced during cheese production. It is the liquid content that remains after the milk has curdled and coagulated. Whey can be processed and isolated into three different types of protein: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Hydrolysate. This particular form of Whey Isolate is hydrolyzed, meaning that proteins are broken into small segments to promote rapid and easy digestion. Because of this, amino acid delivery into the bloodstream can be much faster than in typical Whey protein. Whey is a very rich source of protein, which accounts for 80% of its total weight. It builds and repairs muscle tissue and aids in the recovery of exhausted muscles after high intensity physical exercise. The hydrolysis process may give this whey protein a bitter taste, which can be diluted by mixing it into smoothies.

User reviews

First of all the packaging was very bad - the bag came unsealed! Half of the powder spilled out of the bag into the external mail envelope. I didn't know about this so I brought it home. By the time I noticed the white clouds of dusty powder escaping the envelope corners the white powder already covered 10ft on my carpet. It is an obvious manufacturing defect - the sides of the bag (at the top) supposed to be kind of melted to each other, but the melting failed (probably because the fine dusty protein got between the sides and prevented the proper gluing of melted parts. Picture attached.The second problem is that the product has very-very bitter taste, almost unbearable to my taste. I consumed it with milk and it didn't mask the bitter taste. Since I don't eat sugar or honey I didn't know how else to mask the taste. As is I won't have it again, too unpleasant.I think that the description of product has to include the statement about the bitter taste, because it is unexpected. I tried several other protein supplements and none was bitter. So when I tried this one I logically assumed that the product is contaminated (due to unsealed bag).On the positive note the customer support seems to be great - polite and fast.
I've stayed away from Whey protein because I can't tolerate dairy (lactose) well. This whey supplement seems to be lactose-free, at least I tolerate it just fine. I'm not guaranteeing it is lactose-free, but if you have issues with dairy, but want to try some whey, this one is worth trying. The taste is neutral, or maybe a little less than that ;=) But if you mix it in a smoothie, it's fine. The taste isn't strong, but it's clearly not like a milk product, another hint there isn't any lactose.I've purchased from these folks before. I've always been happy with the quality, and having been in the supplement business myself for many years, I'm picky. Their prices are quite reasonable, so I generally check them first for any bulk powders. One of my top three or four brands.
The product was ricieved in good condition and in time. Excellent protein powder. I made my shake with 5 tbs of the protein powder, 1.5 cups almond milk,1 banana and 1 small mango, 2 tbs hemp seeds. Two of us shared this. It was so creamy and delicious.No After taste.
This protein is exactly what your body needs after a harsh and muscle abusing workout :-).I've been on an intense plan, and to make it through I had to upgrade the quality of my post weights protein.This protein is digested quickly to allow the muscles stop breaking.....Taste is fine to me, little bit on the milk side. But honestly, I was never one of those cookies, marshmallow, or banana flavored proteins for a few reasons:1. I like my protein as clean as possible (no sugar or substitutes).2. No fillers.3. No ingredient that takes more than 2 seconds to pronounce.4. I want something to get the job done, quickly, instead of something that tastes good. Similar to alcohol, if I want to drink and get in a good mood I'll go for single malt, not for a wine box ....
The first bag I ordered of this was great. Very mild milk smell/flavor but otherwise pretty tasteless. Mixes well with water.I ordered a larger bag now knowing that I liked the product, but this one has a strong rancid kind of smell. I don't know if it's possible for this product to go bad but it seems I somehow got a bad one..
Overall good product. On its own it tastes a bit like cooked milk. However, I use it 1:1 with other powders to cut back those other powders sickly sweet taste. The issue I have and the resulting 3 stars is the powder itself. It goes everywhere! It is very fine and dense. The slightest shake or jostling of the bag sends the powder flying. It also gets in between the sealing seams which makes the bag impossible to close. I realize the benefit of this product is its "clean" formulation but there has to be a way to control this flying powder better. If they managed to do that it would be 5 stars easy.

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