Prostate Supplements. User Reviews & Best Deals: TruNature Prostate Plus Health Complex – Saw Palmetto with Zinc, Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed – 250 Softgels TruNature

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Prostate Health Complex contains Lycopene, Pumpkin Seed and Saw Palmetto, nutrients that contain phytonutrients and fatty acids.

User reviews

Works well but not great. I did not know this was a Costco product until it arrive in the mail. Recommended to my cousin, he loves them. When we were playing 18 holes a few months back, he had to releave himself 15 times in 18 holes. Wow. I let him try this and it provided him with significant improvements. With daily useage this product has reduced his sense of urgency to 4 times in 18 holes. Big improvement.
After doing some research looking around the world regarding what other countries and people use for prostate challenges -- I found that pumpkin seeds are well respected as an aid for prostate problems -- Amish, Germans, etc. - I use these along with the prostate massager -- Haven't been back to the Dr for the bad side effect drugs they use -- I Like this product ! Recommend
Not sure about this one... I took these for a couple weeks, and decided to stop because I was having to urinate urgently and frequently starting a few days after I started taking them. I don't know if they were reacting to a vitamin that I was taking or if this will be the outcome for me with this product. I didn't see any others with the same reaction in reviews that I read about it, so I will wait a while and try them again.
I really like this one because not only is there Saw Palmetto, but there are other healthy ingredients (such as pumpkin seed). All in one pill per day.
When i turned 40, my Dr told me it was time to start taking Saw Palmeto; i did and and I can't say i noticed any changes; still up twice a night to urinate. I tried the brand that Joe Theisman hawks and it worked great, but is very expensive. TrueNature has stopped the urge to go and is way cheaper than Joe's stuff, I will repurchase. Only negative I noticed is, it makes me feel quezzey if i take it on an empty stomach; taking it with a meal is the solves this.
By far the best prostate supplement on the market (that I've tried). Take one pill a day and you'll notice the difference within a day or so. Better urine flow, less late night trips to the bathroom and rock solid erections. Definitely worth it.
Been using this for years, seems to work well for me, Oh by the way I'm 71 years old

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