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 Industry Leading Ingredients Premium CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine –  The only beta-alanine licensed under NAI’s global patent for use as a dietary supplement. Supports increased muscle carnosine for improved athletic performance. Delivers a bio-friendly form of beta-alanine, a naturally occuring beta amino acid essential for the synthesis of muscle carnosine acting as a buffer, both delaying onset muscle fatigue and muscle failure. Improves greater physical workout capacity with enhanced endurance and delayed fatigue.Amazing Taste Taste Buds Don't Lie! We work hard to get our flavors spot on. Our NEW watermelon flavor AMP2000 Pre-Workout never gets old, always tastes good, and is pretty much just simply - GOOD!You Deserve the Best Ingredients. 2000MG of Industry Leading Beta-Alanine. The only beta-alanine licensed under NAI’s global patent for use as a dietary supplement..Get Steady Amazing Results. 30 Servings Per Container.  Keeping your workouts consistently amplified so that you can break through plateaus and soreness thresholds.  ​Face It...Taste Matters.  We took the time to get it right. We tested many flavors and this watermelon sends all the others home crying. This one never gets old.

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 Small clumping issue even with the provided dry pack. Still decent prework and desolves completely. As you can see in my video, the clumps are solid but with a little effort break back down
I like this stuff, give you a nice little tingle to start your workout with and seems to keep me going longer in the gym. Good tasting product and the customer service is really good.. recommend
It does give a good kick. However, for me this product made me feel sick and have a headache throughout my workout. I tried it twice just to confirm that I wasn't crazy. Keep in mind that I can tolerate large amount of caffeine. I have been using many different kinds of preworkout supplements. This one is just different.
Great pre workout mix. I've tried a few different ones and this one is up there with the best I've used. Workouts have extended a bit with more focus and less fatigue. It doesn't make you overly jitterly like other highly-caffeinated preworkouts I've used. The right amount of heart rate increase. Last but not least, it tastes pretty good to. Mixes well with no clumpiness. Good product, would recommend. Shipment was very quick.
This is by far my favorite Pre workout. Gives me all the energy, and focus I need for a great workout. Highly recommended!
GREAT PRODUCT!!! I don't get the jittery feeling like do with other products on the market! It mixes well with no clumping and taste great. I get a lot more out of my workout because I stay focused with this product. Highly Recommend.

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