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Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout (Blue Raspberry) is the highest quality pre-workout supplement powder that you will find available anywhere. Our pre-workout gives you the most explosive workouts you've ever had without taxing your body. Every ingredient inside Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout is specifically and carefully chosen to produce the best results possible, to help increase strength, reduce muscle soreness, and build muscle faster... from DAY ONE.

User reviews

I have been training for just about 20 years. I have tried at least 30-40 pre-workout supplements from various companies. I must say that Alpha GX7 is in my top 3. I knew after the first use that it had a ton of potential, but like most pre-workouts, they are great for the first week or so, and then my body gets used to them and they lose their effectiveness. I am pleased to say that I am almost finished with my bottle and I am still seeing fantastic results. The pump is very good and I don’t get jittery or have trouble falling asleep at night, but I must say that I am not very sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants for that matter, so I am not the best gauge in that area. Where this product really shined for me is the energy, cardio endurance and focus that it gave me. I noticed on day one that about 20 minutes after taking it, I was in the zone and very focused. I felt a great surge of energy that lasted throughout my workout. I felt it most when I did cardio. I felt my respiration's were deeper and very controlled. My endurance was fantastic and I did not feel worn out or tired after I finished my 60 minute cardio session, which includes sprinting, stair climbing and kickboxing. I bought the water melon flavor and think it tastes pretty good, but to be honest I don’t really complain about taste. I would rather something taste like crap and work great, than something taste great and not work. This product tastes good and works great so it was not a problem for me. I would recommend it to anyone who trains hard in the gym and wants to get that edge. It really did exceed my expectations. The best part for me, after almost a month of use… is still working like day one. This is truly a great product. Try it, you will not be disappointed. I’m about to order my second bottle!!!
I have tried many pre-workouts over the years and this one is one of my favorites. It gives a nice steady boost of energy without the jittery, nervous feeling some pre-workouts that overload on caffeine, niacin, etc. give you. Also, the clarity of the ingredient label is a huge plus in my opinion. If you want to know exactly what you're putting into your body and need a nice boost of focus/energy before hitting the gym, this product is for you.
I purchased this pre workout booster about 3 weeks ago and I can really feel the better performance in the gym. I dont get the tingly feeling in my arms and face like other boosters, but with this I can really feel more strength during my workout and I was able to use more weight with higher reps. It worked better then I expected and I would recommend it to everyone else.
Really love this stuff, it's become essential to my workout supplements.Effectiveness: 5/5. I've felt so much better going to the gym after a long day at work because of this pre-workout, I'm able to stay longer and my lifts have increased after a small plateau. I used a full scoop the first time I tried it out, which I wouldn't recommend. I felt really jittery and itchy, which is what I've felt with other pre-workouts, but after cutting the dose down to half a scoop and working up, I'm able to do a full scoop and feel fine.Taste: 5/5. The taste kinda depends on how much water you mix it with, but it tastes pretty good in general - kinda sweet, kinda tart, which is what I was hoping for. I think it tastes better with less water, but it's also more sour that way. It does have a bit of an aftertaste, but it's not unpleasant and goes away quickly.Ease: 4/5. My only problem with this pre-workout is how easy it is to take, and that's still a really minor problem. The mix in this pre-workout always ends up leaving one part stuck on the glass. Not sure what it is, but it's the larger white crystals that have the tart taste on them. I end up adding more water after drinking the rest of the mix to make sure that I'm drinking it all, but it's still kinda annoying. I might just be spoiled from my previous pre-workout that was chewable, but I still prefer this one. Other than that, I'm loving everything else - the jar is small enough to take with my in my gym bag, but has enough mix inside to last a long time.Overall, I'd definitely recommend getting this pre-workout, and I plan on buying more when I run out.
I have tried numerous pre-workout mixes and I can honestly say that this one is by far the best one I have ever tried. It really gives me that energy to keep going and it does not make me crash, excellent product, will order again for me and a friend that tried it.The flavor is also great, i can't complain about the flavor.
As a frequent user with preworkout supplements, I was extremely pleased with the results of GX7. I typically rotate my supplements to try different ones, but I'd have to say I finally found one that I know works well!I used this before cardio, weight training, and running and again was pleased with the energy that I received prior to each event.
I never do reviews but wow. I have tried multiple pre workouts over the past 2 yrs and I must say that this one is by far the best. The taste is great the effect is amazing. It increases my focus and the energy is of the charts. It hits within 30 min but lasts for hours. I am able to push much harder and my Cardio endurance is up. Very impressed ands I will be ordering more. I started with one scoop but had to cut back to less because it does really give me energy. It can keep you up at night though so I wouldn't recommend taking it late in the evening. I take it at 5 and it still keeps me up a little late.

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