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  • Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.8 x 4.7 inches ; 8.5 ounces
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ABOUT THE KICK: In order to have an effective work out you need the energy to keep you going hard and the mental clarity to focus on the task at hand. You also need the muscular endurance to physically do what you need to do without hitting the wall. Essentially, you need to create an optimal environment so you can get the absolute most out of your sport or work outs. The Kick was designed to provide you with the nutrients your body needs to have the best work outs ever. If your body isn't properly fed the nutrients it needs to perform, it won't perform to its potential. If you are ready to experience the most complete pre-workout supplement then prepare yourself for The Kick! It is one of the few supplements out there that has the ability to live up to its promises of making you stronger, improving endurance, and giving you that extra boost of energy! ALL NATURAL PRE-WORK OUT FOR MEN AND WOMAN WITHOUT THE CRAP: The Kick was made with natural ingredients so that you get the clean energy rush without the crash, burnout or jitters.

User reviews

It is so tasty!! It really helps to get me through the workout without feeling bloated! Just what I have been looking for! There is no junk in it. I really enjoy it!
Oh my ! Its REALLY WORK ! 5 star! Great Powder for Workout ))
Worked wonderfully but strange fishy aftertaste (probably has Omega 3s which come from fish oil)
I got my KICK over the weekend (super fast shipping) and I used it before my workout this morning. I wasn't sure what I would feel as I've never used a pre-workout product before. First off, it tastes super delish, then, as I was going through my workout, I noticed that I didn't get that burn out that I normally do about 1/2 way through my work out. I was able to do 3 more rounds of my circuit training than I normally do, and I was very happy about it!! It's going to be my "must have" product now for getting more bang out of my workouts. Thank you, Health Gaines for this great product!!!
I decided to try this pre work out because I was almost out of my current supplement which I wasn’t super happy with. I wasn’t expecting much from The Kick, because I like really strong pre-workouts, but I was pleasantly surprised. It gave me plenty of energy to get through my workout and then continued energy to take care of my 3 kids! It does take a little longer to dissolve, but once it’s dissolved it’s really smooth and has a very slight lemon flavor. I really like the taste. The only thing I minorly dislike, and that is still strong wording, is the tub is small and the scoop is big in relationship to the tub. The first 10 or so serving it’s hard to fit the scoop back in. But I do like the small tub cause it fits nicely in my workout bag. Overall, great product. I will definitely buy again!
I thought I would give this pre a shot when I saw the name. I've been alternating this one with my usual pre-workout and I must say it works very well! For one I really like that flavor. I mean I get tied of all the fancy flavors and this one is fresh and pleasant. Do not feel jitters taking it and gets me through my workouts no problem! Definitely a keeper
This Pre-Workout powder is Ah-Mazing! It completely lives up to its name! There is no crash after and I amazing while I'm working out, energized, and no drag during the work out. I've tried a few others before, and they all make me feel very jittery and uncomfortable. This one is nothing like that, it's a very clean energy with no crash after the fact! I highly recommend this product! I've let a few of my work out friends try one before their work out and they all have ordered the product! This does not disappoint, and I am so incredibly happy with this purchase. I won't be buying anything else!!

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