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BEAUTY FROM WITHIN: esthechoc is the world’s first clinically proven age-defying chocolate. Containing 72% dark chocolate with only 2 grams of sugar only 38 calories, esthechoc is packed with powerful cocoa polyphenols and fortified with a large concentration of one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants called astaxanthin.; THE SCIENCE & STUDIES: Clinical trials (conducted over 10 years and on 3,000+ individuals) for this healthy skin supplement showed statistically significant reductions in oxidative stress and increases in blood oxygen levels and microcirculation, affecting the key internal biomarkers that lead to healthier, younger and more vibrant skin!; NATURAL AND BIOAVAILABLE: We are what we eat, so beyond clinical studies proving the best anti-aging skin care and longevity benefits of this delicious product, you can indulge responsibly knowing that esthechoc is: 1) made from naturally derived ingredients; 2) gluten-free; 3) vegetarian & vegan; 4) paleo & diabetic friendly; 5) NON-GMO; 6 ) Safe for pregnant and nursing moms, and, most importantly, 7) clinically proven on humans.; THE PERFECT GIFT: Ideal for anyone seeking to improve their overall skin health, esthechoc is perfect for the busy, on-the-go parent or the savvy business traveler. Partners, friends and work colleagues will be overjoyed by the chance to indulge in this wonder product and its proven benefits for creating skin cell renewal.; TASTY ALTERNATIVE: esthechoc makes for a delicious natural skin care alternative to any other anti-aging pill, including resveratrol supplements and other polyphenols supplement options.

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Awesome love the chocalate
I wish this product wasn't so expensive. I really love how it tastes. I don't know if it has made my skin too much better but I haven't finished the box yet.

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Bob Rickman
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