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TRX Essentials is ALL YOU NEED and EVERYTHING YOU WANT in a 30-Day Pack. A highly effective results based addition to your healthy nutrition and exercise regime, whether you’re training for a specific event or juggling an active lifestyle. OUR INNOVATIVE nutritional formula contains a unique combination of distinct yet complementary nutrients that may help to build lean muscle, reduce inflammation due to exercise, facilitate post-workout recovery and improve overall health. Using only the HIGHEST GRADE RAW INGREDIENTS, TRX Essentials come in convenient single-use Daily Power Packs and post-workout Recover Shake Packets, TRX Essentials were developed to deliver the results you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. TRX Essentials is built on a science-backed powerhouse formula that includes targeted doses of complementary nutrients – Omega-3s EPA & DHA, Curcumin, Milk Protein Isolate, Leucine and Vitamin D3. OMEGA-3 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS — EPA & DHA: Are cornerstones for optimal health. Extensive research supports EPA and DHA in the diet for a healthy heart, brain and cognitive function, skin, eye and immune health. CURCUMIN: Shown in research to help reduce inflammation due to exercise, potentially aiding in post-workout recovery. MILK PROTEIN ISOLATE & LEUCINE: With the highest digestible amino acid score among measured proteins, Milk Protein Isolate helps to facilitate post-workout recovery. Added Leucine brings the total amount of Leucine to 2.5g per serving to help promote protein synthesis, the process integral to building lean muscle. VITAMIN D3 (CHOLECALCIFEROL): the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D for optimal absorption and use by the body.

User reviews

This is a very well thought training recovery package, which includes most of the known nutritional elements to build muscle and recovery one's body after a intense workout. The different types of supplements come in a plastic sealed cardboard box. That I put in my pantry so I have easy access to it. Inside of it the individual wrapped pouches with the supplements and the power for the milkshake. The included multivitamins and minerals are of high quality and complete. While the pills must be taken every day, the recovery milkshake only should be taken on those days after training.As I write this review, the ingredients aren't listed in the product's description, so I'm including pictures of it.The milkshake main ingredient is 750mg of L-leucine, an essential amino acid that helps protein biosyntesis, prevents muscle lost during workouts, and growth and repair muscle tissue. I like the chocolate taste of it, and that there is not an aftertaste like other powder drinks.
I fully expected to like this product and appreciate the idea of a full nutrition "system" including the power packs and then post recovery shake(s). This comes well packed with a 2 year advanced expiration date (excellent) and seems to include everything you would need for a full month. Unfortunately the ingredient list leaves a lot to be desired in large part due to the use of inferior types of vitamins. For example, for the B12 you get a whopping 30 mcg which represents 1250% of the RDA - since it's a B vitamin there isn't a risk of overdose as it's simply eliminated and B12 is well known to give an energy boost. Unfortunately this uses the far inferior cyanocobalamin form of B12 rather than more bioavailable and easily absorbed methy form. Even worse, cyanocobalamin is able to cause seriously horrible migraines in some people - or worse full blown allergic reactions - I happen to be one of those people. Add to that the fact this has fish oil (another major allergen) and several forms of preservatives, non stick etc for the typical toxic soup...frankly, I was disappointed. This isn't much different than taking a pretty standard whey or milk based protein - it's full of sugar, dextrose, stevia etc as well.
I workout three times per week, so I was happy to try this 30-day nutrient/protein regiment. Here's my take:FIrst: The vanilla protein packet. These are for after a workout. One thing I noticed is that it is terribly sweet. I mix mine with milk, water, and a few ice cubes (which works well with most protein powders). The vanilla did taste fine and mix well, but there is too much sugar in it for me. I'll drink them, but I'll probably spread them out a bit more or use 1/2 of a packet one day and the other 1/2 the next day.Second: The vitamins/fish oil. There are 3 regular multivitamins. You can see the supplement facts in Amazon's description if you want that info. The fish oil (2 gel capsules) didn't give me any fish burps so far. Basically, there are 5 larger pills - 3 multivitamins and 2 fish oil capsules.All in all, this is a decent regiment to follow. It's not rocket science, and the protein powder would ideally have less sugar, but this isn't a bad supplement box. You'll have to crunch numbers and supplement facts on your own to see if this is right for you.
The TRX Essentials 30-Day Multi-Nutrient and Post-Workout Recovery System is a unique system that includes both 15 shakes as well as 30 nutrient supplement packs. It is designed to be a 30-day system where you take one nutrient pack each day and drink one shake every-other day when you work out. The ingredients are posted on Amazon's ad so I won't list them again.The nutrient packs are very similar to those I've seen from other companies (like Pharmanex) where there is a combination of solid and liquid pills. The quality of the pills looks good but I doubt they are USP grade. The shake has 28g (one ounce) of added sugar which is a lot more sugar than I'd prefer. I wouldn't sit down and eat an ounce of sugar and I'd rather not drink it either. There is a package warning for diabetics which I presume is because of the high sugar content. I understand that sugar is a quick cheap source of energy but it doesn't last in the body like the complex-carbs found in products like peanut butter.
Like most: The after work out shake. I did try the after workout shake and actually was surprised by the vanilla taste, and it was with water. It tasted really good and was frothy. I would not mind drinking these after a workout, for breakfast or a quick snack. It is much simpler to take this by just adding water. I would continue this but not the rest. The only thing is I did add more water to get some of the powder that stuck to the bottom of the glass and it did not taste well. I am hoping this was just a fluke and it is a great drink. I will update if it changes but I think I would stick with these just for the taste and the added nutrient for workout.Like Least: I must have read the description wrong. I did not expect 30 days of vitamins. I was expecting drinks but then I only get 15 of those. I do not think that this kit gives you enough to try it and make sure it works. Also I am on most of the vitamins already so I could not take it.
I am a busy pilates teacher and personal trainer in NYC, and I use supplements and shakes to help me recover from hard workouts and keep my energy up. As a TRX certified trainer, I was excited when I saw the brand name and ordered for review on Vine.The good part here is the 30 days of supplements. Your basic vitamins and fish oils in a packet. I am not sure of the lab and supplement quality.The shakes are a problem, mostly due to high sugar content. The sugar (28 grams) is the amount in a Snickers Bar, and there is a diabetic warning on the box. On a lower carb day if you carb cycle, this is way too much. If you are low-carb or keto, this is way too much. And if you have diabetes, again this is way too much.There less expensive options for quality shakes and supplements with much less sugar. I wish the folks at TRX would change the shake to a lower sugar version.

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