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Whether you're training to mold a six pack of abs or qualify for the Ironman, no factor is more crucial to your success than consistent, strong and productive workouts. That is why for the past 30 years sports nutrition research has focused on nutritional considerations that optimize recovery. Mike's Mix Recovery Drinks are formulated with a comprehensive understanding of this research, and with thousands of products sold we have never had a complaint that our drinks weren't powerfully effective! Mike's Mix is a family business dedicated to making high quality, effective and affordable sports nutrition products. We specialize in recovery drinks and offer formulas for both men and women. Whether you are looking to recover from a grueling P90X workout or training for an Ironman, Mike's Mix has a recovery drink that's right for you. Mike's Mix also offers a variety of other high quality sports nutrition foods and supplements.

User reviews

Overall I think its a great product, backed up by even better company. I had issues with the seals on the first 2 tubs I received. Mike's couldn't have been better with quickly responding to emails and getting me a new tub, including sending me one directly from them. Its nice to see good customer service these days.As for the product, the taste is more mild, and FAR better the the horridly reformulated Beachbody mix. With my previous recovery drink (InsuPro) I would make it with 25oz of water (a whole shaker container). With the Mike's the flavor is more mild and I only can make it with 16oz before it starts to dilute the flavor too much. The flavor is a little more on the cream than the orange side, sort of like a creamsicle as others have mentioned. I really have no idea if any of these recovery drinks actually help me, but I love drinking them after a workout and this one is no exception. I'm on my 3rd tub of it now.
Exactly what I was looking for. Helps my muscles recover/repair much more quickly, allowing me to push my body over the limit again and again. The tangerine cream flavor, I thought, was excellent but a little sweet. Nothing a little more water couldn't fix. Decided to stick with tangerine cream when I reordered. Haven't tried the chocolate. Maybe I'll try it next.It does create a lot of foam. I discovered that I could avoid this by adding a half-scoop of regular vanilla protein powder. Takes the foam out.
I have to say after a hard and intensive workout, I can definitely see and feel when Mike Mix Recovery formula is working.I'm definitely not as sore in the mornings.The tangerine flavor is awesome! Next time I'm going to try the chocolate one! I heard it's very yummy!
First of all, I'm not a scientist/nutritionist and so I have no real idea if this works - but it's much cheaper than the old and certainly the new Beach Body R&R drink. With that said, I really dislike the flavor of this drink. It tastes like spoiled milk combined with tang... Brutal... I'll have to go back to chocolate, which is palatable...
Arrived quickly and tastes as expected. I am not sure what all the flavor complaints are about.
Great recovery drink. Tastes delicious. I wish the calorie count could be lower, but ultimately this is totally worth the price and the calories. For me, it's also filling so I eat less which is helpful. I don't know if that is one of the goals of this product. I love this stuff. Especially since I started programs like p90x.
Taste like milk nothing orange about it not even a hint. Don't buy if your looking for something that taste like the old beach body recovery. You'll waste your time.

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