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Growth Surge Post Workout Recovery

User reviews

Product taste good and everything, but I don't like Sucralose or any other artificial sweeteners in my foods or drinks. While I like this brand, I am looking into others that do not contain chemicals, soy, GMO, and artificial ingredients. I'm trying to promote health, not adding to my detox. Another thing...many prodicts can't enven manage to sell a full 30 day supply of their product.. they cost too much, are not safe, and they make sure you need to buy more times.
I enjoy the flavor: thus makes it easy for me to fill the blender bottle with water instead of less than eight ounces and chugging it.What I like about this this product the most is that a the ingredients are individually listed: none of that proprietary blend BS.
Like other products from Jacked Factory, I am very impressed with this post workout supplement. My recovery time after a hard workout is greatly improved and I certainly feel less fatigue. The mixing of the powder with water is very good and the taste is very good as well. Overall a great product and I highly recommend.
I've been taking it now for about a week. The taste is great. That alone will keep me taking it. Based on the product ingredients, I know it should help muscle recovery and building. Over the past week, I haven't felt as tight as I normally do, so I feel like the recovery time has been pretty good. I've also felt a good energy level and less fatigue after taking the product, which to me means I am burning calories.
Great post-workout mix at great price! So many mixed out there, it can be hard to decide, stick with the Jacked Factory mixes and you'll do great! I'm retired USAF, not in anyway associated with Jackpack.
So far so good! I’ve only had it a few days but I feel like my muscles are recovering faster after workouts which is great. I also love that the flavor and coloring are mild. Most flavored powder supplements are so strong that they will stain my bottle with the flavor for weeks after using. It’s easy to tell that Growth Surge is good quality stuff and not just some sugary koolaid mix with creatine in it. It’s impressive and I’m glad someone is doing it the right way!
Really cool product. I've been drinking it after each workout. The flavor is good, and peppery! Not too much though, but very interesting flavor, loving it.

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