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Cissus Quadrangularis Extract has been shown to offer a number of benefits including improved joint health, increased bone strength, and possibly weight loss. Our Cissus Super Extract contains 150 capsules at a 1,000mg serving size of two capsules. Studies have shown that anywhere from 500mg – 3,000mg taken daily is safe and may offer many benefits such as reduced joint pain and improved bone strength. Our cissus supplement is manufactured in the USA (Eaglewood, New York) and tested in the USA by a cGMP FDA approved company. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for all unsatisfied customers.

User reviews

this stuff really works like a steroid but too bad i have an allergic reaction to it! If you can handle it and it does not mess up your stomach then BUY THIS! makes your veins pop out. I have a friend that in addition to his arm veins he also notices his hemorrhoids flare up every time he takes it!
First time I've used this brand.....just taking more than recommended - 3@ 1000mg/tab - as my other brand was 1600 mg/tab and I took 2/day (up to 4 are recommended). Dosage is still comparable
I am allergic to shellfish so I cannot take Glucosamine. This is a great alternative.
I bought this to help me lose weight and i noticed the pain at my right arm disappeared! I had a carpal tunnel thats been bothering me for years! Good stuff !
Very Wonderful Product. Truly helping with my joint issues. THANKS GUYZ!!!
I have been using this product for a couple months and it has helped with my knees. I have been able to play tennis 4-5 times a week without pain, so I have found Cissus has helped me.
I purchased this product about a 1 1/2 months after reading it could help my tendonitis.I gotta say since using this my tendonitis seems to be getting better and much less severe in it's intensity. I'll continue taking Cissus Quadrangularis for at least the next 6 months in which time I'll follow up on this review. Very pleased with the purchasing experience from this supplier also.

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