Post-Workouts. User Reviews & Best Deals on Amazon: Amino Vital Rapid Recovery – Amino Acids (BCAAs, Glutamine, Arginine) + Carbohydrate Powder Drink Mix, Blueberry, 14 x 16.5g Single-Serve Stick Packs, 8.14oz Canister Amino Vital

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Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery is the ultimate amino acid drink mix for accelerating muscle recovery and minimizing soreness after physical activity. Unlike ordinary protein powders and sugary sports drinks, Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery combines fast acting plant-based amino acids (BCAAs, Arginine, Glutamine), a touch of complex carbs and electrolytes that are absorbed instantly to repair muscles and replenish energy without extra calories. A lighter, faster, and more flavorful alternative to protein, Amino VITAL Rapid Recovery reduces the stiffness and soreness that slows you down so you feel better and bounce back quicker.* Plant-Based, GMO-free, Gluten-free, No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavorings. Safe for all ages.

User reviews

Its a great product and it helps with soreness after works outs.
This product is AMAZING! Absolutely love taking AminoVital Rapid Recovery for pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery. These aminos mix very well with water and have a great taste. I love the fact that they use HBCD's for their carbohydrate fuel source which is excellent for stamina and performance on the field, in the gym, on the track, or out on the courts. Also, the benefits of using stick packs really helps the convenience of the grab-n-go lifestyle. Always love to keep a couple packs in my gym bag, at my desk, or in the car for readily available fuel!The flavor (Blueberry) is delicious. Unlike other amino products, this has NO chalky taste, NO bitterness, NO tartness, NO unnatural sweetness. It has a nice fruity flavor which is a bit "softer" than other sports drinks. This really helps aid in hydration and maintaining endurance for those longer workouts - especially during the hot summer months.Love this product and will definitely use again!
I was skeptical about this product because i have had a hard time finding something that actually reduced muscle soreness after a heavy lifting session. Amino Vital actually works!! I didn't notice it at first but after drinking it post-workout for a couple days I didn't feel as sore, even after upping my weights! I would recommend this to anyone looking to reduce soreness after a workout and anyone looking for a good source of BCAA's. The blueberry flavor is great and only complaint I have is that it leaves a taste in your water bottle if you leave any residue in there. Just make sure to give your water bottle a good rinse after use and its fine!
I previously used to use the Aminolast powder but my Crossfit coach recommended this one so I gave it a try. It is so effective and tastes delicious! I do strenuous workouts (sometimes even do doubles) and this stuff really gya me through. Helps me not feel sore and seems to enhance my endurance. Until I find something better, ill never be without it.
LOVE, love, love this product. I take this during and post work out and find I have a faster recovery and less soreness. I have been able to push myself more and am seeing great results. The flavor is great too!
This product is excellent for drinking after a long and hard work out. It replenished your body with nutrients that you lose during workouts. You feel so much better and less soreness. I highly recommend this product.
Amino Vital Recovery is my FAVORITE post-workout drink. I always have a few of the recovery sticks in my backpack so I can fuel my muscles with aminos right after the gym. I love the flavor and I love knowing that I'm feeding my body with a clean, healthy product. Highly recommend!!

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