Men’s Hair Health: Fitness, Nutrition And More


Despite the fact that most men keep their hair short, they still need to main a healthy hair. Your hair contributes to your overall image and well-groomed and healthy-looking hair can make a difference in how you look. Here are some tips on how to achieve a healthy-looking hair.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Although you have short hair, you still need to use shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clean. You can ask your beauty and hair stylist about the right shampoo and conditioner to use. Do not apply shampoo every day because this can strip the natural oil in your hair. Applying shampoo once every three days will be enough. However, you can put conditioner in your hair every day because it hydrates your hair. Focus on the end of your hair. Too much conditioner can build up on your scalp and on the hair cuticles, which can slow down hair growth.

Pat Your Hair Dry

After washing your hair, pat it gently using a towel until it is dry. Do not rub your hair with a towel. The friction can break the hair, causing split ends. Avoid using a hair dryer because the heat can destroy your hair. This might be the fastest way to dry your hair but it can cause damage. If you have thinning hair already, this can aggravate the situation. You can end up losing all your hair in just a few years.

Do Not Wash Hair Every Day

Washing your hair daily can result to brittle and dry hair. The best thing to do is to shampoo your hair once or twice a week and apply conditioner every day. A conditioner hydrates the scalp and the hair. Apply more conditioner at the ends of the hair because this is the part that usually becomes dry.

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Chlorine reacts with the proteins in your hair and lifts the hair cuticle. This makes the hair as stiff as a wire because it will dry up. When swimming in the pool, keep your hair protected by putting conditioner in your hair before swimming. The conditioner will prevent the chlorine to penetrate your hair cuticles.

Retouch Styled Hair With a Wet Comb

If you are using hairspray or gel to make your hair stay in place, you might need to retouch it during the day. Keep your hairdo intact by wetting a comb and running it through the hair. This will allow you to restyle your hair and make the spray or gel hold your hair in place.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

The hair grows in the scalp and the blood vessels on it deliver blood and nutrients to the hair. A healthy scalp means blood vessels can easily nourish the hair and make it grow. To keep the skin that covers the head healthy, wash it every day. Use a small amount of mild shampoo to remove the dirt that can clog the pores of the skin. Massage the scalp to improve blood circulation. Use your fingertips and make a circular motion.

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Cleanse Hair With dishwashing Liquid Once a Month

Some of the hair styling and beauty hair products can build up on the scalp and hamper hair growth. Cleanse your scalp once a month using washing liquid or those products used to wash pots, pans, and dishes. Wash the hair twice. The first wash must be rinsed right away and the second one must be left to stay for a minute or two. Then rinse thoroughly and soak hair in vinegar. This will help restore the Ph balance of the hair and leave the scalp fresh and clean.

Use Hairstyling Products Sparingly

If you need to use styling products, just use a little amount instead of too much. A small amount of gel or hairspray is enough to hold your hair in place. Too much of these products will give your hair an unnatural look and a greasy appearance. Remember to wash hair once you are home.

Get Your Hair Trimmed Regularly

Whether you have short hair or a long one, a regular haircut will keep your hair looking healthy and clean. When the ends are trimmed, you are left with the healthy strands of hair. The hair breaks at the end and this can result to split ends. Have the ends trimmed regularly and your hair will look clean and healthy.

How Fitness Benefits the Hair

Does exercise affect your hair? Everything that promotes good health such as exercise gives your hair a healthy look and prevent hair loss and baldness. Here are the benefits that your hair can derive from exercise.

Intense cardio exercises help get rid of toxic substances in the body through your sweat. Once the toxins are out, the production of sebum, an oily and conditioning substance that is present in the skin, increases, resulting in thicker and shinier hair. Taking a steam once a week will further help release contaminants in the body and enhance the look of your hair.

Stretching will help loosen muscles and improve blood circulation. When blood can circulate easily in the scalp, hair follicles are fed with nutrients that are needed for hair growth.

Workouts that involve flipping over will increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the scalp. It helps loosen the muscles on the neck and the back, which results to smooth blood flow to the skin that covers the head and where the roots of your hair are attached.

Nourishing the Hair

Biotin is a Vitamin B essential that is needed for hair growth. This nutrient is present in almost all the foods that you eat especially in eggs, peanuts, salmon, avocado, and wheat bran. There is no need to take biotin food supplements because it is manufactured by the body in the intestines. Deficiency in biotin can only occur when the intestines do not function anymore. This causes hair loss, which can lead to baldness.

Foods that have zinc content contribute to hair growth. Eating oysters, crabs, clams, lean beef, liver, peanut butter, and fat-free cheese and yogurt for six months can result in a thick, lustrous, and healthy hair.

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  1. What can I do about dandruff? I have had a bad case of it for going on 3 years now. This is the worse it has been. No matter what I do or don’t do, it is there. Soon as I wash my hair and towel dry it, I can see the white on my scalp!! HELP!

  2. Awesome tips. I am becoming more aware of my hair habits now that I am getting older. My hair is not what it used to be and I want to keep it thick and healthy for life. Going to bookmark this page and look over it again when I need to stock up on hair care items.


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