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★ ACHIEVE MORE - Looking to take your performance to the next level? NutraChamps L-Carnitine helps you perform better, longer, and with less downtime for recovery. Carnitine enhances blood flow to your muscles, allowing more nutrients to go where they’re needed most and helping you achieve better results for your workouts. Truly a powerful tool in anyone's supplement arsenal. Label design & bottle color may vary.; ★ BIGGER BANG FOR YOUR BUCK - No other brand comes even close to the value we offer with a whopping 200 vegetable capsules of pure l-carnitine - 500mg per pill! If you’re looking for a premium carnitine supplement at a great price, there is truly nothing out there that compares.; ★ THE LEADING CARNITINE ON AMAZON - Looking for the purest vegan Carnitine supplement on the market? Well look no further, because we've brought you exactly that. 1000 mg of pure L-Carnitine powder in each serving with zero additional ingredients - Guaranteed to rev up your energy and focus, & boost stamina, performance, & fat loss.; ★ VEGAN & NON-GMO - Scientifically formulated NutraChamps L Carnitine is vegan, gluten-free, and contains zero artificial ingredients. Our entirely natural & effective formula guarantees only the highest quality & purest non GMO ingredients in each veggie capsule. Zero unnecessary fillers, preservatives, binders, or harmful chemicals go into our carnitine, assuring you no unwanted side effects.; ★ 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE - All of our products are backed by our lifetime guarantee - If you aren’t fully satisfied, simply let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase, with no hassles. The NutraChamps Guarantee is a sign of how confident we are in the superior quality and effectiveness of our products. Order with confidence knowing that we've got you covered - What do you have to lose?

User reviews

This a new product for me. I have a large dog with a heart arrhythmia and needed to bump him to 2000mg of L-Carnitine. I was pleased to find this product because it is higher potency in a smaller amount to dose. It matters to me that this product is human grade, made in the USA, and has no fillers that I have to double check for dog risk. I may actually start taking this supplement myself as I am fairly active, but for now, it is to keep my dog's heart healthy.I actually break the capsules apart and mix the supplement directly to his meals. Having done this about 2 days with all the 250mgs while I waited for this bottle to arrive, I can tell you it is much less supplement these 500mg capsules are to stir in. He doesn't seem to be rejecting it (and yes, he is that dog that will eat around something). I tasted it myself and it has a tangy favor that doesn't seem to have an after taste. I wouldn't call it bitter, but also not sweet.I swallowed one myself, after splitting it apart and tasting it. They are not ridiculously large and went down easy. Which says a lot since I broke it in half first which should have made it a lot more unpleasant to swallow.It terms of how it will work. Well time will tell. For his breed, they tend to get a nasty heart disease and generally I just try to do all I can to keep it functional as long as I can. I can tell you that it doesn't seem to be doing any harm to him and he is easily consuming this higher mg without issue.
I have experienced a notable uptake in energy levels since taking this product and much faster recovery following workouts. I have not experienced brainfog since taking this product, and find that my energy levels are also translating into better cognitive capacity.L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid which the body cannot generate itself. I was apparently not getting enough of it through my regular diet.Amino acids are increasingly gaining widespread recognition for their positive impact, increasingly being used not only by bodybuilders and athletes. Unfortunately, unlike with vitamins, there is a myriad of products and difficult for somebody new to figure out what to take. Until I find something more impactful, I will stick with L-Carnitine.
Great product.Heart protective. Orders are fast and accurate. Will continue to work with them.
To be totally honest, I take so many supplements I can't tell which, if any, do anything extraordinary or not. I'm in my 790's and I'm still able to ride my bike 7 miles every morning; my diabetic doctor is happy with my a1C, and my cardiologist his happy with my EKG, BP and pulse rate, so the L-Carnitine must be doing something right.
Good !!!
Great product. More affordable and much easiet than chasing it down in the store
Best quality you could get in my opinion. I have tried many other and this is the one I like the most and also my sensitive belly 😁

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