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Is L-Carnitine The Perfect Weapon In YOUR Fitness Arsenal?

User reviews

I received my bottle of Everpure L-Carnitine which was double factory sealed and in its original box. The capsules are easy to swallow and smaller than many other supplements I've tried. I haven't taken many yet, though the few doses I've taken have given me a little more sustained energy than with just coffee as I usually have, and they were easy on my stomach. Also, no foul oder inside the bottle - which can be quite a turn off with supplements. I received a second complementary bottle from EverPure after leaving a review of my first bottle. I would recommend this product and would buy again.
Seems to be a good product. I first discovered L-carnitine through the pH miracle book. I took a generic OTC one, which didn't seem to have much effect. This product has boosted my fat burning much more. I also greatly appreciate that the company emailed me with the correct dosage instructions (I was taking it incorrectly). I recommend it to others!
Looooove this product. It helps with brain fog and concentration issues. I can tell a difference within 20 minutes of taking it!
I've been taking this now for a couple weeks...there aren't many supplements I can take, because I'm sensitive to migraines. I take 2 in the morning on an empty stomach, I get thru my busy mornings with no funny side-effects and I've lost a couple pounds as a bonus. I would defiantly order this again. Thank you for putting out a great product.
So far so good! Great customer service and exceptional packaging. I was very impressed with the product when it arrived. As far as performance goes, I have only been using it for a couple weeks so it’s hard to say if it is benefiting me or not. I’m sure it is but regardless for the price the vale is exceptional and worth a shot.
I take one capsule every morning and I notice a difference; it seems to perk up my metabolism, very glad I found this product.
Easy to swallow pills (they are large) with not odd pill smell. After taking these for a day or two ive noticed that I am not as hungry as I use to be. Not needing to snack. This is only by taking 2 pills in the morning (you can take up to 4 in a day) which makes me happy! I hope this feeling maintains!

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