Heart Health Supplements. User Reviews & Best Deals on Amazon: WHC – UnoCardio 1000 (60 Softgels) – 1280 mg of pure Triglyceride fish oil with high concentration omega-3 (1185 mg), 652 mg EPA and 440 mg DHA and 25 mcg (1000 IU) vitamin D3 per softgel WHC


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NEW GENERATION OF ECO-FRIENDLY FISH OILS 652 mg EPA, 440 mg DHA, 93 mg other Omega-3, 1000 IU vitamin D3 per softgel Cold and Environmentally-Friendly technology. Out of respect for the environment, only use of fish – such as sardines and mackerel - that are recognised as not being endangered species. A balanced mix of rosemary and tocopherol extracts, maintains the freshness of each WHC supplement. The typical components of rosemary are also obtained using our Environmentally-Friendly technology, just as our omega oils. Serving size : 1 Softgel (60 Servings)

User reviews

I have to say that this is the best Omega 3+ that I have ever tried. I was looking for a supplement not only for cardiac health, but mostly because I have extremely dry eyes from an autoimmune disease, and was looking for a quality megadose pill. I perused independent laboratory ratings & this is the one I decided on. I have taken others. This does not have the horrid aftertastes. There is no need to keep it in the freezer. If anything, I get a little of the lemon/rosemary taste later but that is all, and it is pleasant. It is a large soft gel, but I don't have issues with this, but fair warning to those that might.Bottom line.... great independent ratings, a bit pricey... but you get what you pay for here.
Was taking a medication that spiked my cholesterol. I went from an LDL of 105 all the way to 153. Started taking this and within one month it dropped down to 120. Suffice to say I'm happy with the results.
My child was prescribed 4 grams per day of Omega 3 fatty acids for her serious psychiatric disorder. She will take these without complaint - 4 pills per day. Top rated fish oil by LabDoor. The vitamin D is a great bonus - no extra pills to get that also vital nutrient for my kiddo. They are not cheap! I buy a new $44 carton every two weeks. But I view it as medicine.It doesn't stink, I like the blister packs and fish burps are minimal.
These are great. They go down easy and have no fishy aftertaste or cause burping as most of the others do. I decided to buy these in particular after checking online ratings of the best fish oils with the most beneficial variants available. So glad I found these on Amazon. I have them set to auto ship as I am so confident in the quality.
I started taking four capsules a day for cholesterol. They had the unexpected effect of reducing pain in my hip. I backed off to 3 capsules and the discomfort returned. There is little or no fish breath. The capsules are easy to swallow.
I tried this item for about a month to give my full opinion on it. I have now been using it for a little over 2months and i love this product. I keeps my mind in a clean state. I feel a lot better. I run a lot and feel like my heart is working even better! My anxiety and depression really have dropped. Of course those are hard to get rid of but this product has definitely helped me out a lot. It worth the price. For people who ask about the fish burps, yes i do sometimes get the fishy burps but not often. It's nothing serious that it would affect your breath.
This is the best high quality fish oil I could find in the market. It has been in the #1 position of the Labdoor's Fish Oil Ranking for a long time. I have been taking one capsule per day for almost a year. All I can tell you is that I've never experienced any discomfort (of any kind) with these product. The benefits? Well, Fish Oil is one of those supplements that you take because some evidence (that I wish would be stronger) indicates that omega-3's are good for your health (heart + brain). I'm 37 and my brain is better than in my 20's... maybe I forgot the brain power that I had at that time.

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