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No hair loss! Procerin - hair treatment review

Male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss in men. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), more than 50 percent of all men over the age of 30 will be affected by male pattern baldness to some extent.

Male pattern baldness is related to your genes and male sex hormones. It usually follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown, and is caused by hormones and genetic predisposition.

Each strand of hair you have sits in a tiny hole (cavity) in the skin called a follicle. Generally, baldness occurs when the hair follicle shrinks over time, resulting in shorter and finer hair. Eventually, the follicle does not grow new hair. The follicles remain alive, which suggests that it is still possible to grow new hair.

Sadly, more and more men will encounter hair loss problems (male pattern baldness) at the age of thirty. It’s an even sadder fact that there isn’t an outright antidote for it.

How insane is it that we people have put men on the moon however despite everything we can’t keep the hair on our heads?

You could conceivably know as of now that the fundamental cause of male baldness is the manner by which hair follicles respond to the Hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In a few men DHT causes the follicles to shrink and inevitably vanish, bringing about diminishing hair and possible baldness.

Despite the fact that a lasting cure hasn’t been produced yet, there are alternatives available in the meanwhile, some great and some terrible. These incorporate such things as surgery, toupees and prescription drugs, yet one item’s produced from all-natural ingredients that has gotten a great deal of consideration recently: Procerin.

Procerin ( is an all-natural alternative option to drug-based hair loss treatments. Created by Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc., it is particularly figured with key herbal components to block the production of DHT, stop balding and regrow hair.

Procerin works for men of all ages, guaranteed!

It doesn’t require a prescription, is drug-free and safe to utilize. The hair treatment comprises of taking tablets and applying a foam twice every day with starting outcomes seen in as meager as two weeks. So let’s read the full review of Procerin.

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Procerin Ingredients

Both the Procerin Tablets and Procerin Foam contain an extensive variety of natural components that advance hair growth and follicle nutrition, some of which have been utilized for a long time. These incorporate the accompanying:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Iodine
  • Gotu Kola
  • Magnesium
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Biotin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B-12

Procerin additionally contains Siberian ginseng, Black cohosh, Uva ursi, Wild yam, Pumpkin seed and Pyroxidine.

These ingredients normally join to decrease the generation of DHT without interfering with testosterone, which can occur with finasteride-based medications like Propecia.

Doctor Approved and Clinically Tested

Not just has Procerin been appeared to work in clinical studies regarding to male pattern baldness, it’s additionally been confirmed by, where it was independently doctor-reviewed and successfully verified for it’s scientific health-based cases.


One clinical IRB-approved research study (led by Detuag Testing, Inc. and headed by Dr. Subside Helton) took after 32 volunteer male subjects over a 90 day time frame. The subjects were given both tablets and foam treatments to use and were photographed and questioned previously, then after the fact the study.

As you’ll see, the study’s decisions ended up being very persuading.

Procerin Results. Before and After

The consequences of the three month clinical trials submitted to the FDA give solid confirmation of Procerin’s viability, effectiveness and safety. Prior to the case study the volunteers had all experienced some level of balding, yet subsequently practically every one of them had demonstrated positive results from using Procerin hair tr.

Indeed, 93.75% of those questioned said that their hair loss had decreased or reversed and would recommend Procerin to loved ones.

Male pattern baldness. Here are some photographs and stats from the three month examine:

procerin results and reviews - hair regrowth

Procerin-real Results

This graph demonstrates the aggregate general fulfillment of research subjects with respect to change of their diminishing hair:

Procerin-Reviews. Fitness report

The graph beneath demonstrates the level of client fulfillment among volunteers after the 90 day research period:

Procerin Testimonials and real results

*You can find more results of clinical-studies here.

Side Effects and Symptoms 

One of the immense components of Procerin (the best hair regrowth supplement as of now) is that it’s comprised of all-natural ingredients and there have been no negative symptoms revealed by it’s clients, making it a much more secure contrasting option to medications like Propecia, which has been appeared to bring about issues like erectile dysfunction.

The topical Procerin shampoo may possibly cause irritation on sensitive scalps, which can be curbed by once-a-day use. Some men will see the slow return of hair loss in the event of discontinuation of the Procerin products, but some younger men will have success with retaining Procerin results even after discontinuation of hair treatment.

Experimentation will help you determine what period of use vs disuse favours your body the most. Because this product targets the DHT conversion process only, it does not come with the risk of sexual side effects that many prescription medications do.

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Procerin Tablets or Procerin Shampoo?

The system is designed to be used together, although either product will have some use even used alone. Procerin tablets are designed to be taken twice daily, and are available in a range of pack sizes to suit your convenience. The scalp treatment is used to fight the effects of DHT from the outside in, while the oral tablets help address the production of DHT within the body.

The revitalising nature of the Procerin shampoo will also contribute to overall scalp health and wellness, and a healthy scalp is set up to be the most likely to regain and continue healthy hair regrowth as well as prevent the fall of hair from the hair follicles. This hair re-growth system will work best if used together.

Do remember that Procerin hair recover system is designed for those suffering androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, and cannot help those whose hair loss is a result of other factors such as chemotherapy, scalp trauma, alopecia areata or other non-DHT causes.

While both products comply with the FDA’s GRAS safety standards, they are not FDA approved as there is no approval process for nutritional substances under the administration.

Manufacturer’s Videos

Dr. Peter Helton: Procerin for Men Clinical Study Results

Procerin for Men: Dramatic Results from All-Natural Hair Loss Product

Where to Buy Procerin

Your most secure wbet when purchasing Procerin is straight from the official website. The producers of Procerin, Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc., have a remarkable A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been independently reviewed and confirmed by, so you can rest guaranteed that the organization is legit and have proven to be honest, straightforward and reputable.

Fight Hair Loss With Clinically Proven Solutions

Join that with the generous 90-day money back guarantee and it’s truly obvious that you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Conclusion – Does Procerin Work?

By and by, when I see evidence like that in the clinical trial comes results earlier, backed up by an autonomous party, it’s difficult to not to be persuaded. Not just has it wiped out the early phases of my own thinning hair, I have both a fellow man and a family member who have each used Procerin and it certainly helped them too.

All-Natural Ingredients that Really Work

In light of what I’ve encountered, by utilizing the tablets and foam together you’ll accomplish the best outcomes since the source of your male hair loss is being focused on both internally and externally, and you’ll in all likelihood observe some sort of positive results.

You can discover cost and more information by looking at the Procerin Website.

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Have you tried out Procerin hair recovery? We’d love to hear about your own personal experiences. Feel free to leave a review or comment below.

Procerin Summary Review and Overall Rating

Procerin Summary Review and Overall Rating












  • All natural ingredients
  • High success rate for most men
  • Doctor endorsed and approved
  • 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Delivers exceptional results for both stopping and reversing hair loss


  • Only available online
  • Requires continued use to maintain results
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    I couldn’t believe how much hair I had lost by the time I turned 35 so I had to try to get it back somehow. Used Procerin after a buddy recommended it and was happy with it. Now I’ve just been using it for a little over 2 weeks so no massive changes but I do see improvements so I’m hopeful.

  2. While the sound of Procerin is great, I don’t want to be stuck using it forever to maintain results. I feel like there may be a better option for me. Can you recommend others OP that you have done reviews on? I don’t just want a hair treatment, I want something that works like a cure.

  3. I know it says to use Procerin as a system, but I would much rather only use the shampoo. Has anyone just used the shampoo and seen good results? I want my hair to grow in thicker but I am very strange about taking pills and vitamins. I would rather not if I could get away with it.

  4. Tried a few other hair regrowth treatments before using Procerin and while a few worked they didn’t work as advertised. Procerin was the only one that got me the best results and I’m now using it regularly and I feel that I might get most of my old hair back in the next 4-6 months.

  5. Procerin works well if you give it a bit of time. Some may have experiences better/faster results but for me, it took about 3 weeks to see some measurable progress. I knew it would work from a relative so I kept going even after my first 2 weeks of not seeing as much as expected. I guess it works differently for everyone. I’m now in my 6-th month of usage and I think I got back 55% of my hair. I’m think I might reach 70% by the end of the year, we’ll see.











    My hair started fading away when I was just 27 but I didn’t do much about it since my father and grandfather had no hair. I just figured that was my destiny: to be a bald, good looking guy :). Then someone pointed out that this can be reversed and recommended I give Procerin a try. She said “I bet you’ll get at least half your old hair back if you use this for at least half a year”. I was skeptic. And I didn’t really want to invest all that time into something I wasn’t sure about but my wife insisted so I did it. Fast forward 6 months later and it was just as she said.

  7. I found Procerin to be good but you do need to keep using it, otherwise you’ll start losing you hair 3-4 months after stopping the “treatment”. That’s what happened for me so now I’m using it regularly and my hair has never been stronger.

  8. Procerin specifically targets male pattern hair loss, which is typically irreversible by normal means. When all hopes are shattered, I’m willing to try anything beyond wigs and surgery.

  9. It doesn’t interfere with Propecia?! You don’t even know how much I fear of the risk of losing my libido from Propecia!

    Time to take things up a notch.

  10. It is so hard to believe in these products. I have not met anyone that has tried them and I really want to try it myself, because my fiance is all over me about my thinning hair. What the hell am I supposed to do? These are so expensive and I am not going to know if it works until I already spent the money.


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