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White Kidney Bean extract is a powerful dietary health supplement with all natural potent ingredients - our capsules are made from 100% pure White Kidney Bean Extract; White Kidney Bean has shown to be an effective weight loss supplement - it is especially potent when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine; Research has shown that with White Kidney Bean extract the major weight changes can be brought about by fat loss and not by means of losing water weight which is great for general health; White Kidney Bean extract can help block starch digestion and can help reduce starches from being deposited as fat and even help reduce cravings and suppress appetite; We give attention to each White Kidney Bean capsule and each bottle to ensure its high quality - We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction or your money back

User reviews

This really seems to be working! I am very pleasantly surprised. I am on a low carb diet, and I have been taking two capsules before consuming a med or high carb meal, and I have lost 4 lbs in three weeks.To put this into perspective, I am 20 llbs overweight, so this is around 4 percent of my goal. Amazing feat considering the Holiday temptations.No side effects either.I will purchase this again.
I've been a low carb advocate (still hitting the gym at age 61) for 30 plus years. However, I loosen up my diet on the weekend and consume "clean" carbs. That said, this white kidney bean product is the perfect adjunct prior to medium-to-heavy carb meals.The product is fairly priced and does what it advertises-- glucose support, carb blocking and weight management. I can still enjoy my weekend carbs with this product, and not experience a moderate to severe insulin spike from the ingested carbs.Thanks!!
I like this product so far. I do notice that if taken right before a carb-filled meal it aids digestion. I haven't been using it long enough or steadily enough (my fault) to notice weight loss. I am using this in combination with another diet aide. I plan to continue use of both products. I do not notice any nasty side effects from this product and I hope with continued use my results will improve.
I have been using White Kidney bean extract for the past 6 + months. This is the first that I have tried this brand. Overall I am very pleased with this product. In addition to helping control appetite, I also seem to get some joint relief with the product as well. I will buy again.
It helped me lose weight by blocking carb intake. I was on a trip to Thailand and amazingly after i got back from vacation i was still the same weight!
I believe this is really working. I have gotten lenient with myself by eating v more carbs than I should, but I can't tell a difference in my weight. It doesn't have any negative side effects for me. I plan to continue purchasing.
I love this product!!. It lowered my sugar, my cholesterol and made me feel so much better. I'll be ordering this brand from now on. Great customer service too!

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