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• Introducing Vitamin Bounty Coleus Forskohlii – Maximum Potency - standardized to 20% pure forskolin, which is the recommended maximum potency; • Plays a crucial and beneficial role in suppression or appetite, and has been shown to increase serotonin levels; • Studies have shown Forskolin stimulates an increase in the levels of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in the body, which is an intracellular agent believed to regulate the metabolism, which in turn helps break down sugars and fat; • All Vitamin Bounty products are Made in the USA. Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.; • 500 mg per serving makes Vitamin Bounty the leader in potency and efficacy, ensuring you’re getting the most concentrated and effective dose necessary to achieve your goals

User reviews

Very pleased.Have lost 30 pounds over a year!From size 16 to 8-10.Now keeping it off with maintenance dose.So happy to have medication fat off! Yeah!This is NOT a paid endorsement . Just a happy user !
I've been taking Vitamin Bounty's 500 mg. Forskolin for a couple of months now. I believe it really does decrease my appetite throughout the day. The effects of the supplement are very subtle, so I don't feel anything after taking it, such as increased energy or nervousness, but I have noticed that when I take it, I am able to control my eating much more (especially at night, when I really get the munchies). A few times when I missed taking it (when I ran out), I felt more hungry than usual, and couldn't control my appetite. Forskolin has now become a member of my daily morning vitamin regime, and I plan to keep taking it every day.
I have lost 5lbs already. I will continue to use this product
My husband has only started using this product but he says he feels great. More energy.
I have been taking this Forskolin with Garcinia Gambogia also. The combination has really decreased my appetite and helped me lose weight!!
This product is the truth!!! My appetite is controlled throughout the entire day!!! I recommend this Vitamin Bounty Forskolin to everyone!
Worked well for appetite suppressant. Definitely helped to curb snacking and lose some weight. Ordered on Amazon. Will definitely continue with this product. Reasonably priced, had no side effects.

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