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How our Apple Cider Vinegar is Processed: Fresh whole organic apples are pressed and the sugars of the apples are fermented to ethanol. The alcohol then undergoes a molecular conversion to acetic acid by a submerged acetobacter oxidation process. The process is completed to a tolerance of less than 0.2% alcohol remaining. All processes and storage are in stainless steel vessels.

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I’m new to adding this to my diet. I started with this brand and when I ran out I just bought the Braggs brand from my grocery store. More convenient and cheaper but I just didn’t like it. ACV doesn’t taste great to begin with but the Morher Natures tastes so much better! I’ll be going back to this brand.
I'm new to adding vinegar with mother to my health routine. I've heard the benefits of it and this brand, I put 1 tsp in 6 oz's of water and drink it down 3 times a day. I have no problem with the taste. If you like dill pickles,..., you'll have no trouble with it either. I would recommend this brand.
Best tasting Apple cider vinegar out there
Thanks for the deal and super fast shipping
Mother Nature's Essentials Organic raw apple cider vinegar is the freshest apple cider vinegars I've ever tasted. I've tried Bragg's and store brand and it just doesn't compare. Its USDA organic, raw and undiluted and it contains more of the "mother" which is essential. This is actually the first ACV I've seen that is undiluted, just check the ingredients list. You can actually see it floating around in the vinegar.ACV has so many wonderful uses and Mother Nature's Essentials has a board on Pintrest with its many uses which is very helpful.
Great product. I sometimes use it for cooking, salad dressings, etc. It's mostly for my hubby. He gets GERD/reflux pretty regularly and this product really stops the burn for him, almost immediately. Highly recommend!
Absolutely love this stuff. Will order again...and again.... And again! This is the best tasting Apple Cider Vinegar I've ever tasted.

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