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BOOST YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. With our unique 88.25 mg formula, our Pure Saffron Extract stacks up as a powerful solution to curb the appetite with no caffeine, stimulants, jitters, or headaches. No more late night snacking or emotional eating. Created to reduce hunger, promote weight loss, and promote more energy and a better mood.; EAT LESS & LOSE WEIGHT OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! -If you don’t see results (or aren’t COMPLETELY happy for any reason) by suppressing those late night snacking cravings or by curbing your sugar intake, you get ALL your money back!; A SMARTER WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT -We all battle cravings either at meals or in between. Having our 100% Pure Saffron Extract is your ticket to beating those cravings! Losing weight and becoming healthy starts with your diet, get back on track NOW! ORDER 2 OR MORE AND GET FREE SHIPPING!; Best Natural Appetite Suppressant for Weight Loss - Each capsule provides maximum strength 88mg. of Pure Saffron Extract to help reduce hunger so you can lose weight.; Optimized Saffron Capsules is a clinically studied, proprietary extract of saffron. You know saffron as a spice. What you may not know is that it has been prized in traditional cultures since ancient Persia as a way to enhance mood and relieve stress. Previously available only in Europe, this standardized saffron extract provides support for healthy body weight by targeting some of the emotional factors that make you eat more when you are trying to eat less.

User reviews

Safron Extract i found to be one of the best ways to shed a few pounds. For me its about bing eating and not really paying attention to healthy foods all the time. By taking this supplement it has decreased my bad habit food cravings and has given me a lot of energy, which is great because I am able to finish my daily tasks on time now. Thank you Skinny bean for this amazing supplement!!
I tried everything to get out of a weird funk I was stuck in. I was never in a good mood as my stress levels were through the roof. My stress levels were so high that my fingernail began falling out which I didn't even know was a potential side effect of stress. I was venting to a friend about my hideous nails and she told me to try Saffron. I am so thankful she did, I feel a million times calmer.
My favorite part of this product is no more having to clean a coffee pot and waste time making that the morning plus I've lost 20 pounds so far and my kids can keep up with me!
Everyone has their own way of blowing off steam. Mine is by eating a ridiculous amount of pasties. I bad day could easily account for almost an entire pan of brownies. I knew this habit needed to stop by I couldn't kick the stress eating on my own. This supplement has helped so much to stop eating my emotions. I don't feel hungry all the time just at the right times.
This product is true to it's claim. I really dislike having too much caffeine and many of the products out there to help with weight loss or help as an appetite suppressant have too much caffeine for my taste. This product was great because it uses other natural ingredients and I can definitely feel the difference. This helps curb my cravings and I feel much healthier..probably because I've lose weight so quickly too!!
This is a GREAT product if you do not want to work out a lot and still lose weight. I LOVE it! Great results!
I find myself eating snacks all day long but since I started using these the urge has almost gone away 🙂

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