7 Simple Tips to Burn More Calories Faster on the Treadmill


Do you want to burn off calories? You probably wish that you’d jog in the park or perhaps even a serene neighborhood, with fresh air and the smell of the trees, with the wind on your face and the rustling of leaves in your ears. But alas! You live in a city apartment building and most likely have a busy schedule every day, here is where the option of a treadmill sounds great and even better, can be set in your place. Getting that firm sexy look has never been within reach at your convenience.

Indeed, people have been known to hit the treadmill for hours on end, doing the same thing over and over again. I should let you in on a little secret, dear reader, it’s not about the hours spent on the “mill” rather it’s what you do when you are there. If you are on the treadmill and include the following tips outlined below, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your calorie levels and as such, you’ll have the perfect toned body to go with it.

Therefore, less of doing the same thing over and over and more of doing the treadmill right, what say you?

Top Hacks to Exercise Effectively on the Treadmill

Scientists have discovered that the quickest way to lose calories is by increasing the heart rate and since there is no knob to turn, intense workout that raises your heart rate is key. While on the treadmill, consider these tips:

  1. Increase the Incline

Jogging and running on one incline is boring as it is a waste of time and effort.

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Whilst doing this, the heart, muscles and entire body isn’t put on a strain, therefore the heart rate isn’t increased.

Start off with a flat incline and steadily work your way to a raised one, work out for a while then return to level incline, giving you an opportunity to sprint. More calories will be burnt at maximum speed.

In addition, increasing the incline enables your body to function at maximum resistance, thereby, making you cells work overtime which in turn produces energy in form of heat.

This dictates your calorie loss. Think of it as having “your sweat entitled to your brow”. This way you lose calories fast.

  1. Mix Them Up

Here is where you spruce up things a bit, mix up fast pace exercise wit slow paced ones, this triggers the body to a change in shift. Mix up the distance, speed and time associated with every exercise session. Moreover, you can mix all three in one session, this gets your body out of its comfort zone.

Incorporate a mixture of fast and slow paces as you exercise. As you look into the following three things, speed, distance and time, you can mix them up to come up with an ideal workout session that’ll generally stimulate your body pitting it against its maximum endurance level. 

  1. Master Your Speed

Calorie burning workouts are efficient when speed and intensity are involved. Determining the highest speed and intensity your body can take as well as reaching it from time to time is necessary. Ideally, keeping track of your performance in this way enables you to push your body to the limit for efficiency as you work out. In every session, strive to push beyond the limit set in the previous session, this will mark your progress as well as show results.

Moreover, keeping track of your performance has an effect on your mind and subsequently your attitude. Therefore, you are less likely to give into despair that “you are not making any progress”, in a manner of speaking.

  1. Listen to Your Body

The body has a way of communicating, it may not be verbal or easily understood but it does communicate. For instance, through pain, or feelings of tiredness and the like. When the body feels it’s under stress, it will tell you to stop through coded messages of sorts. Listening to your body will help you develop an effective workout plan.

In addition, the body acts like your personal fitness trainer, it tells you when you are ready to take it up the notch and to rest and cool down. Think of your body as a guide, and you’ll soon learn what it means to be “at one with the body”.

  1. Incorporate Other Workouts

I know the topic states treadmill, however, in order to burn calories effectively, you need to incorporate compound workout techniques. The body hates routine, therefore, exercise other body parts as well, upper body exercises like push-ups and pull-ups and core muscles like sit-ups, planks, and spider crawls. Also, including fitness of the mind as you do some fitness yoga and tai-chi is essential, as the body and mind should be “one”. This surprises your body lean muscles leading to increased calories meltdown.

  1. Consider Negative Sprints

Here is where you warm up the muscles in the first session, before attacking them with intensity during the second session. In a sense, you’ll have conserved energy prior to the second intense session, enabling you to achieve more in a less time frame. Additionally, you can raise the incline to simulate running up a hill, maintain top speed and the body will respond by pumping more energy, thus, burning more calories.

Remember work is done when you go against force, therefore by doing negative sprints, your essentially “working” out!

  1. Quench with Cold Water

Cold water directly from the fridge, forces your cells to work extra hard to produce heat to maintain relative body temperature, this creates energy that can be used enabling you to exceed 25% your limit. Sounds refreshing yes? Exercising after taking cold water appears to be easier.

In Conclusion

As I conclude, aerobic exercises like running, jogging, cardio, and all kind of sports have been known to be effective against burning calories and toning the body. Running, however, you chose to do it, whether on a treadmill or in the open world will give you the same results, as long as you incorporate these tips, you’ll be okay.

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