25 Fat Burning Tips


Fat Burning Tips

If you’re reading this then the chances are that you have tried to burn fat, but your methods are just not as effective as you would have hoped.

If you seem to be spending all your time eating the right protein and your Saturday nights are being spent down the gym, but you are still not seeing the results you would hope for – then something obviously needs to be done about it.

This guide has 25 tips for fat burning, all backed by facts and figures so you know that they’re the real deal! With everything you need to know, these 25 tips will help to make sure that whatever you’re lacking from your fat burning regime you’ll soon know and be able to rectify it without delay!

1. Protein

Research has shown that if you follow a high protein diet then you’re more likely to burn more body fat than someone who hasn’t taken steps to follow this type of diet. You should look to get 50% of your total daily calories from natural protein. If you do this over 2 months you’ll find that you burn a decent amount of body fat.

2. Carbohydrate

The type of carbs you choose is also important. You need to choose whole grains such as brown rice and whole meal bread as these are slow to digest and will prevent your insulin levels from spiking. Recent research has shown that if you follow a low-calorie diet with the right type of carbs you’ll lose more weight than if your carbs all came from refine sources.

3. Fat

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to have a fat free diet. In fact there are certain fats (such as Omega 3) which can help fat loss. Make sure that you choose good fats from places such as salmon, olive oil, walnuts etc and they make up around 30% of your daily calorie intake then you’ll find that you boost fat loss rather than hinder it. Learn more about best fat burning supplements here: fat burners.

4. Eggs

If you don’t already know – eggs are full of protein which is essential when it comes to promoting muscle growth. If you eat eggs for breakfast (never skip breakfast) then you are likely to eat less calories throughout the rest of the day – which will lead to you being able to burn more body fat. A good way to get enough protein is to have 6 scrambled eggs (3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites).

5. Milk

Dairy is a big part of a varied diet and milk is one of the best ways to get this. Adding milk into your diet can help to burn fat around your abs. There are different reasons for this but it is more than likely because calcium can help to regulate hormone Calcitirol – which would usually inhibit fat burning throughout your body.

If you want to give your metabolism a boost and help your body to burn off more calories then try to add hot peppers to your diet. Thanks to an ingredient Capsaicin it helps to reduce hunger too! You can add this with crushed red peppers, pepper sauce or hot peppers – if you’re not able to stand the heat then you can also get hot pepper supplements which also have a great effect on your metabolism.

7. Nuts

Nuts are packed full of good fats, which means that they’re a good snack to choose when you’re trying to eat well. Studies have shown that people can benefit from a high-fat, low calorie diet (around 40% total calories from fat) as long as the fat comes from something like almonds. People who do this will lose large amounts of body fat, especially around their abs and stomach area.


8. Organic Food

When you go to the supermarket, it can be tempting to overlook organic goods because of the cost of their goods. However actually these goods are much better for you – for example organic milk has 70% more omega-3 fatty acids than normal milk, which we all know is better for you. Organically raised eat also have higher levels of good fats, so if you can afford to invest in organic goods then you’ll find yourself much better off health wise – these are not just a gimmick.

9. Water Temperature

If you want to give your metabolism a temporary boost then quickly drinking 2 large glasses of cold water can help according to recent German research.

10. Energy Boost

People often shy away from energy drinks, but actually some of them can boost fat loss. A study back in 2008 showed that when someone had an energy drink made up of 200mg of caffeine and 250mg of EGDG for a month they lost at least 1lb of body fat – even without changing any of their eat or exercising habits.

11. Whey Lean

If you’re looking for a healthy snack between meals then drinking whey protein is a good place to start. Research has shown that if someone has a whey protein shake before a meal (around 90 minutes before works well) then they are likely to eat much less food – which helps to lower calorie intake throughout the day. Casein shakes did not have the same affect.

12. Soy Protein

If you drink around 20g of soy daily you’ll lose abdominal fat – especially if you add it to your diet for long term. The great thing about soy protein is that it can also help you to have decreased appetite and therefore have less calories eat day.

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13. Not So Sweet

It can be tempting to go for drinks like diet coke because of the fact they are calorie-free. Actually these are full of artificial sweeteners which can actually have a detrimental effect on your weight loss. Drinking these can also make you feel hungrier, so you end up eating the calories you avoided by picking the diet can of pop over the full fat one.

14. Fish

We know that omega-3 fats found in fish oil can help fat loss. However if you don’t want to eat fish in order to benefit from this then taking supplements with a few grams of fish oil in can be just as good for you.


When you go to the gym you’ll be given all sorts of different equipment that you are able to make a use of. If you’re given the choice between fixed machines such as leg presses and free weights always go for free weights. When using free weights you are generally able to exercise more and therefore you’ll burn off more body fat.

16. Need For Speed

You need to look at the type of work out you doing rather than just trying to work out for as long as possible. Think short, sharp bursts of exercise rather than long drawn out work outs which aren’t always as effective as you would hope. By using your muscles quickly you encourage them to burn more fuel as you work out. Mix things up – try to do two sets with fast reps and then 2 sets with normal paced reps – this will give you the best possible chance of your fat burning efforts being successful.

17. Music

If you concentrate on your work out you are more likely to see positive results. When you are working out put your iPod on and work out along to the music. This is likely to make your work out more intense and therefore help give your fat loss efforts a much needed boost.

18. Weights with Cardio

It can be hard to know when to do your cardio work out, however research has shown that doing it after your weight work out will show you the best results. The great news is that it is the first 15 minutes after your workout that cardio will have the most effect, so even if you don’t feel much like doing cardio you know that even just 15 minutes worth can make a massive difference.

19. HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is important, especially in short bursts. If you’re doing HIIT then you probably won’t be able to do this for a long period of time – so the best thing you can do is mix it up with low-intensity exercise. Lots of people choose to do sprinting and jogging for these, for an easy way to get in your cardio and be able to do both high-intensity and low-intensity work outs.


20. Time Of Day

The time of day that you exercise can have a massive effect on how many calories you burn when you work out. Research has shown that if you are able to work out in the evening then you’ll have a higher metabolic rate and therefore a better chance of burning more calories as you work out. Of course you should not use this as an excuse not to work out – an early morning workout is better than no work out at all!

21. Climbing

Keep things interesting and look at other types of cardio that you can use – because that will help keep things interesting and help you motivation. Rock climbing can be beneficial because it increases your heart rate and this is equal to an intense work out (IE sprinting). You can burn up to 12 calories a minute doing rock-climbing – so in just half an hour you could burn 400 calories – as well as trying something new and exciting.

22. Right Fluids

When you’re working out, you probably already know the importance of staying hydrated. However studies by Birmingham University have shown that if you rinse your mouth out (and spit it out after) with an energy drink you could probably cover more mileage than if you just rinsed your mouth out with water. Of course this isn’t ideal for indoor tracks but it is something to consider if you’re taking up cycling as part of your high intensity training.

23. Portion Control

The best way to look at this is to look at a study in New York undertaken in a cinema. People attending the cinema were given a large container of popcorn to eat, the equivalent of about 22 cups and some were given a medium container. The people given the large container ate 45% more than the people with the smaller container. This was tested with stale popcorn too – and still 35% more was eaten by people with large containers of it, even though they said they didn’t like the taste when they were asked.

This just goes to show that you need to be in charge of your portion control – don’t just dish it up on your plate and assume you’ll be able to control yourself. Instead dish up lean protein in large amounts and side dishes much smaller.

24. Get Off the Bus

Remember that whatever exercise you do, you’ll burn calories – even if it doesn’t feel like exercise. Try and think about times in your normal daily routine where you could walk to where you need to be rather than getting the bus or taking the car. You’ll be surprised at how much mileage you could add up to when walking and all of this can help when it comes to burning fat and having a much leaner body.

25. Vibrations

Power plates might sound like some sort of gimmick but actually they can really help. Research by Stony Brook University has sown that if you spend 15 minutes a day on a power plate for 15 weeks then you’ll have less body fat. If your gym has a power plate then it could be beneficial to jump on this a few times a week – especially as it takes minimal effort to use it.

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